Why Brands Need to Open a WeChat Official Account in China?

WeChat, a messaging app launched in 2011, has become a prominent e-commerce platform in China. It offers a unique combination of social networking and shopping, making it a valuable tool for businesses aiming to expand in the Chinese market.

With a significant presence of over 95% of brands on WeChat mini-programs, WeChat eCommerce is gaining popularity among both domestic and international brands.

This blog post will delve into the reasons why having WeChat Official Account is beneficial for businesses and how you can utilize its features to improve your brand’s online presence and increase sales.

So let’s dive into the world of WeChat eCommerce!

Introduction To WeChat

WeChat is a versatile platform that goes beyond being just a messaging app. It offers various features and capabilities that businesses can utilize to drive sales and engagement.

With WeChat Official Accounts, Mini Programs, and advertising options, brands have endless opportunities to tap into the growing eCommerce market in China.

What sets WeChat apart is its wide range of features, including payment systems, eCommerce integration through Mini Programs, and other services tailored for businesses and consumers.

WeChat is One of The Most Important E-Commerce Platforms

WeChat has experienced remarkable growth and has become a major player in the eCommerce industry. Its success can be attributed to its integration of social media, mobile commerce, messaging apps, and online transactions.

Group-buying initiatives and WeChat-based social commerce now dominate over 90% of the social commerce market. WeChat is also the largest social network in China and is gaining popularity worldwide. It continuously adapts to user needs by implementing innovative product strategies.

For example, it has facilitated nearly $250 billion in eCommerce transactions and has established itself as a dominant app within China’s digital ecosystem.

Why do you need a certified WeChat account?

WeChat Official Accounts are a great way to enhance your brand’s visibility and engage with customers. There are two types of accounts available: subscription accounts and service accounts.

Subscription accounts are perfect for providing regular content updates, while service accounts offer more advanced features like API integrations, e-commerce capabilities, and customer relationship management (CRM).

By creating a business WeChat account and tailoring its features to your target audience’s preferences, you can establish a strong brand presence on the platform and build meaningful relationships with potential customers. WeChat also provides comprehensive analytics tools to track follower engagement and optimize your strategy accordingly.

WeChat Mini Programs For Seamless Shopping Experiences

WeChat Mini Programs are becoming increasingly popular among users, offering advanced features for e-commerce and seamless shopping experiences.

With over 1 million mini-programs available in more than 200 industries, including e-commerce, these programs aim to make WeChat even more practical for its large user base. E-commerce is the largest category, accounting for 18% of all mini-programs.

These programs provide convenient purchasing options, such as in-app purchases, ensuring secure transactions through WeChat Pay. The most beneficial mini-programs include WeChat Stores, which allow brands to sell products directly to consumers without the need for large e-commerce platforms in China.

Additionally, WeChat H5 Brochures provide an interactive presentation of brands and products that can be easily shared among WeChat friends or groups.

WeChat official account Qr codes to promote your brand offline and online

QR codes are widely used in China and are a great tool for gaining new followers. Companies can associate a QR code with their existing accounts or websites to increase their followers on WeChat.

This can be done at points of sale or through offline sales support materials. When someone scans the QR code, they become a member of the brand’s community and receive all the shared content.

Brands often encourage users to scan QR codes through promotions, discounts, sweepstakes, souvenirs, WiFi passes, or by displaying the QR code on other social media accounts. If you are delivering products, you can also add your QR code to the packaging.

WeChat automatically generates a QR code for each official account and has a built-in QR code scanner. You can also customize and personalize the QR codes to match your branding.

How To Create A WeChat Official Account?

Creating a WeChat Official Account for business is important for increasing brand visibility and engagement on the platform. There are two types of accounts to choose from: subscription and service accounts.

Wechat subscription accounts are great for sharing unique content and building a loyal following, while Wechat service accounts offer more functionalities like customer service, eCommerce solutions, and CRM integration.

In-depth comparison of WeChat Subscription and Service accounts Service accounts generally have more advanced API functions than Subscription accounts: To put it simply, the only real advantage of WeChat Subscription account is their ability to post articles on a more frequent (daily) basis.

Once you’ve chosen the account type and gone through the registration process, it’s crucial to create captivating content that will attract and engage followers.

This includes having an appealing profile picture, a concise bio that represents your brand, relevant keywords for search purposes, and consistent posting schedules optimized for peak user activity.

 More WeChat Public Account Types

  • WeChat Work previously known as enterprise accounts: Corporate accounts are primarily designed for internal communication within a company. They typically require mutual approval between the account and the follower in order to communicate and share content.
  • WeChat mini-programs: Mini Programs are a feature introduced by Tencent in January 2017. While they are not exactly WeChat official accounts, they can serve a similar purpose. These programs are primarily designed for offline applications where users are expected to use the app only once.

Which Type Of WeChat Official Account Should You Pick?

The key differences between WeChat service accounts and WeChat subscription accounts are the available tools and the frequency of “blog” posting. WeChat service accounts offer a variety of tools to strengthen marketing efforts and reach the target audience more effectively, while WeChat subscription accounts provide basic functions such as blog posting.

If you are an international brand looking to enter China, run e-commerce campaigns, or register mini-programs, opening a WeChat service account is recommended.

In the West, companies aim to reach as many followers and views as possible with their content. However, WeChat operates differently. The focus is on enhancing service and customer experience within a closed loop ecosystem. Only WeChat fans can directly access your content, unlike platforms like Facebook or Weibo.

WeChat does not filter communication between brands and users, and there is no algorithm. Every time a WeChat official account sends a broadcast message, followers receive a push notification, similar to receiving a message from a friend or family member. This is because, in the WeChat mentality, the brand is considered a friend of the user, who has chosen to follow them.

Case Studies

WeChat is gaining popularity in China, and international brands are recognizing its potential for business growth. Companies like Burberry, BMW, and L’Oréal Paris have already started using WeChat marketing to expand their brand and products in China.

Burberry has created a mini-program on WeChat for Chinese customers to shop online, while BMW has launched a voice-enabled digital assistant for car owners.

L’Oréal Paris collaborated with beauty influencers on WeChat to reach millions of users. These examples show how WeChat allows businesses to be creative, authentic, and engaging while increasing sales in the Chinese market.

The Impact of WeChat on Tourism sector in China 

WeChat has had a significant impact on the tourism sector in China. With over more than a billion monthly active users, WeChat has become an essential tool for travelers and businesses alike.

WeChat has integrated various services to provide a seamless travel experience for its users. One of the key features is its integration with payment systems, which allows users to make payments for a wide range of services directly within the app.

For example, travelers can use WeChat Pay to make payments for hotel reservations, flight or train tickets, and even restaurant bills. This eliminates the need for carrying cash or multiple credit cards, making transactions quick and convenient.

Additionally, WeChat’s integration with transportation booking services enables users to book flights, train tickets, and even taxis without leaving the app. This saves time and effort, as users can compare prices, check availability, and make bookings all in one place.

Furthermore, WeChat’s partnership with various hotels and accommodations allows users to browse and book rooms directly within the app. This not only simplifies the booking process but also provides users with access to exclusive deals and discounts.

Overall, WeChat has revolutionized the way tourism operates in China by providing seamless communication, convenient services, and a platform for sharing travel experiences.

We are a China-based WeChat Marketing Agency

WeChat Official Account is a powerful platform that allows businesses and organizations to connect with their Chinese audience in a convenient and engaging way. It provides a range of features and tools for content creation, marketing, and customer interaction.

With its large user base and extensive reach, WeChat Official Account offers great potential for businesses to promote their brand, build customer loyalty, and drive sales.


We are a China-based marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. We offer cost-effective solutions to Western brands and WeChat is our core specialty. Here are some of our services on the platform:

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