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Attract Chinese Luxury Shopping Travelers

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Our Services to Promote your Luxury Stores to Chinese Travelers

Chinese Website

A website in Chinese madarin optimized for Baidu

Baidu SEO

Rank 1st with your keyword on China most used search engine

Chinese Social Media

Increase your brand awareness with Chinese social media

PR & Forums

Improve credibility by having 3rd party talking about you

Chinese Kols

Spread your name thanks to the influence of Chinese Kols


Help luxury shoppers discovers about you with live-streaming

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More about attracting Chinese Luxury Travel Shoppers

A Chinese Website & Baidu SEO

Combining both design and SEO expertise, our team will take a deep look into all sorts of data associated with your field such as your competitor's keywords and search queries established on Baidu. We design websites for the Chinese market specifically. Your website will be responsive, designed in China's preferred UX framework, and rank on the right keywords so your services are found by curious travelers interested in class A luxury stores.

Online Repuation Management

Undercover marketing is all the rage now, and we are excited to be able to offer these services on an individual level. Press releases and travel forums in China (mafengwo, qyer) are a perfect way to generate good posts about your company that gets noticed by people who have never heard of you before.

Social Media & Kols

It's not unheard of - the whole world, and we have to say China as well, is on social media. Let us drag you into this ever-changing world with our social media marketing services! From a regular mere presence - pictures, videos, travel tips - through Kols or other ads campaigns in order grab some more attention...we are sure you'll find your public. Isn't it worth investing this time? You will be able to share your story (even if you happen to only own an inn in rural Ireland) while also growing and developing your business. Trust is worth so much these days, especially when it comes from overseas travelers??

Why Hire us to Market your Shopping destination to Chinese tourists?


We are a luxury destinations agency in China that offers services to help you attract Chinese travel shoppers. We have 9 years of experience and expertise with new media, technology, and tourism marketing in China. Our team is multi-disciplined with a passion for inspiring the world’s most desired location – whether it be Paris or New York City!

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China Travel Shopping - Frequently Asked Questions

How can my shop get more visibility in China?

All shops want to be seen by potential customers, but if you’re a luxury retailer targetting Chinese tourists then word-of-mouth is not enough. You need the digital marketing and social media presence that will give your shop visibility among Chinese consumers who are looking for high quality products abroad. The impact of this type of reach can even determine whether or not a store gets business from local shoppers because an absence online means these people won’t learn about it at all!

Why focus on Baidu rather than google to promote your store in China?

Baidu’s market share in the Chinese search engine is no small feat. As a more than just a search engine, Baidu has plenty of other offerings that can be beneficial to retailers and brands looking for ways to gain traction with consumers there; from social channels like Baike (equivalent to Wikipedia) or Tieba (a channel oriented around themes), all sorts of functions are available on this platform.

How can I satisfy Chinese travel shoppers?

Ensure your Shop locator is both accessible and relevant to the Chinese audience. Though pre-travel research often starts on Baidu, it may not be unusual for a potential customer to go directly to the brand’s website when they are familiar with its offering. It’s still important that you have store locations very visible – so make sure these can also be accessed from China via WeChat QR codes integrated into store merchandising, product packaging, catalogs, or any other means of reaching consumers in this market (both online and offline). Chinese Speaking staff and Wechat Pay/Alipay are a definite plus.