Effective digital marketing will attract Chinese tourists.

If you are in the tourism industry: a travel agency, hotel, resort, entertainment company or tour guide and want to attract more Chinese Tourists, please find the best digital solutions for attracting the Chinese Traveller.


Digital Marketing China

E-business Consulting

To attract Chinese tourists or Chinese travel agencies, you will certainly need a website in Chinese. We offer :

  1. Auditing of websites
  2. Content Marketing and language translation
  3. Multimedia Services (photo or video)
  4. Website hosting solutions in China or Hong Kong
  5. A consulting service for your eBusiness



We want to become your business partner in China, and grow and develop your project. Our target is to help you to get more BtoB and BtoC business.


SEM or Ads 

What is the first desire for Chinese people wanting to travel?

First, they search online for information about the destination or hotel, they seek comments and advice from other travellers and are strongly influenced by ratings. Today, Chinese people are use the internet to organize and book their entire trip.

They will always prefer having personal opinion of other online users before making any bookings etc.


SEO on Baidu

Baidu has a 70% market share in China, especially in the travel sector. If you want to increase your visibility on the internet in China you must ensure you have a good ranking on Chinese Search Engines. You have to understand that the rules for optimising your website on Baidu are complex and different from those on Google.

Our expertise is to help you appear on the first pages of Baidu! We do this by:

  • Auditing & Structure optimization
  • Optimising the Content
  • Netlinking, with Inbound Marketing (Backlinks Strategy)
  • Updates Management


Community Management on Chinese social networks

The internet landscape is wholly different from what we know in the West. This is due to the on line censorship and restrictions enforced by the Chinese government, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all inaccessible in China. We therefore focus on the most popular Chinese social networks. The main social networks to focus on are microblogging platform Sina Weibo and the hugely popular WeChat, there are over 500 million registered users on each platform.

What are our services ?

We offer

  1. The creation and design of an official business account on these social networks.
  2. The development of a community
  3. Stimulation of conversation on blogs and social media
  4. Discussion with potential customers

Community management is vital for the travel sector in China:

  • Weibo
  • Wechat
  • Blogs
  • Other Forums like Douban, Qyer, Lvmama

 Chinese tourist

Viral Marketing

Nowadays, “traditional” marketing is less effective. In China it is important to offer innovative and interactive solutions to reach the 600 million potential Chinese netizens.

Viral marketing or ‘buzz’ marketing can be extraordinarily effective. This can be done via various campaigns to generate interest in the brand by interacting with consumers in innovate ways.

Our methodology is based on five key idea’s:

  • Support is vital to set and meet your goals
  • Definition of a viral marketing strategy
  • Implementation of buzz via videos, photos, etc.
  • Dissemination of buzz
  • Establishing metrics


Press Relations

To promote a brand or a product it is always useful for a company to use Press Relations. Our agency offers mainly Online PR services, as online news portals are the most influential in the country.

Our methodology:

  • Establish a coherent brand position
  • Write press releases in Mandarin
  • Disseminate this content by targeting journalists
  • Closely monitor operations


E-Reputation in China


Negative comments, misinformation and scandals frequently occur on the Chinese Internet. A brand can easily generate a negative buzz.

It is therefore necessary to monitor reputation and respond appropriately via an e-reputation campaign.

Our expertise lies in hiding the negative comments and promoting many articles and testimonials praising your brand or your services.