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650 000 Chinese tourists to Spain: a record

In 2018, 650 000 Chinese travellers visited Spain, representing accumulated growth of +14%  year to year, according to official statistics from Spain. With an average spend per person of 2,563 euros, Chinese travellers contributed over 1.66 billion euros a year to...

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Big Boom: 160,00 Chinese Tourists in Nepal

More vacationers from China visited Nepal in October this year contrasted with the comparing time frame a year ago. Nepal, the travel industry Board, said in this period, 15,037 Chinese voyagers had landed in Nepal which is 11.5 per cent more than the number of...

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Phuket’s tourism economy needs Chinese Money

Phuket's travel industry isn't doing admirably without Chinese visitors The travel industry has taken a make a plunge Thailand's economy. Or all the more explicitly, in the movement and the travel industry division. Thailand's most well-known occasion  island has been...

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