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Our Solutions to Attract Chinese Tourists to your Restaurant

Rating App Registration

Join venues reviews apps Chinese foodies are used to

Chinese Booking App

Make it easy for Chinese tourists to book a table

Travel Forums & PR

Let chinese tourists find about you before their travel

Kols Marketing

Use the influence of Chinese Kols to promote your Food

Social Media Marketing

Gain Visibility & awareness, great for storytelling

Baidu SEO

A well optimized website & SEO for your credibility in China

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How to Attract Chinese Tourists to your Restaurant?

Chinese Rating Apps

25% of all restaurants in the world are on Dianping or Meituan but do you know how to get your restaurant listed? Our marketing agency can help! Restaurants in China are getting a lot of attention thanks to the recent rise and popularity of online food ordering apps. These platforms offer Chinese citizens an easy way to order take-out or make reservations for their favorite restaurants without ever having left home. The Dianping and Meituan application both allow your restaurants to be more visible so that more people can learn about them, which is great because you never know who might be looking at your establishment!

Baidu SEO & a Chinese Website

Chinese travel foodies are people who enjoy traveling and eating. If you want to target these potential customers, it is important that your website is in Chinese as Baidu will likely be their first step when looking up information about a new restaurant or business abroad. In addition, a translated site may rank better on the search engine results page than an entirely English one because of its higher relevance among users with similar interests to yours. Our agency specializes in SEO and can help position your company at the top of any given category’s rankings so long as we have had sufficient time beforehand working together planning out strategies – contact us today!

Work on your Online Reputation

The online reputation of your restaurant is very important if you want to target Chinese travelers. Before going to the restaurant, a typical user will read reviews and comments about it from other users on the Internet. If there are too many negative opinions against positive ones, they'll turn away because these internet users know that this means a high risk for them in terms of food quality or service levels at your establishment. To prevent this from happening you can do several things such as press relations with journalists who write articles that promote restaurants like yours so more people come through their doors and not just those looking solely for dishes made by celebrity chefs

Chinese Booking app

Want to make it easy for Chinese tourists to book a table at your restaurant? Register it on Chinese booking apps or even create a wechat mini-program. Easing the booking process by letting Chinese tourists use apps they know will certainly encourage them to choose your restaurant rather than your competitors. These apps are usually the same as the rating app we talked about above (Meituan - Dianping), meaning that travelers will be able to see your rating as well, which, if good, will definitely help get them to choose your dining venue.

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There are many conflicting opinions on the China market. No strategy is perfect for every case, so you should talk to several sources before making your decision about what direction to take. Working with an agency that has years of experience in this field will save time and resources both now and going forward as they know how best to navigate all aspects of a campaign there.

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Promote Restaurant to Chinese Tourists - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Digital marketing to promote my restaurant in China?

The Chinese catering market is becoming increasingly lucrative with wages rising. China’s middle class are spending more of their income on leisure activities, meaning that they go to bars and restaurants as well as cinemas in droves due to the lack of time constraints imposed by children or a traditional job.
With 80% using smartphones to connect online, social media marketing becomes an important factor for businesses looking for success in this fast-paced economy where all generations can be reached easily through mobile devices at any point during the day – whilst traveling home from work and commuting into town – without being limited by geographical location like other countries around them such as India which suffers from poor connectivity outside urban centers.

What are Dianping and Meituan?

Dazhong Dianping or 大众 点评 can be translated literally by “public opinion” or “opinion of the people”. As the name suggests, the site allows members to provide advice on services including all physical facilities such as cinemas, spas, karaoke, restaurants, etc. The website’s priority is to highlight the hospitality establishments. The website also offers discounted rates of interest on the services offered. The platform has over 140 million users and 40 million reviews. For restaurants and other private businesses wishing to use it as a promotional tool, Dianping offers some free features like creating a page with the addition of small pictures on the platform. With the Premium option, restaurants can post their menu on the website and get other benefits. The site also features restaurants’ home delivery services in exchange for a commission.
For some time, the platform Tencent is working with the group, allowing them to offer a simpler use to their users.
As for Meituan, it offers the same functions as Dazhong Dianping.

How can I grow my restaurant visibility in China?

Word-of-mouth in China is important to the success of your restaurant. There are many ways you can build a positive reputation online. You should focus on building and engaging with loyal fans through social networks, such as WeChat or Weibo that will allow you to communicate directly with them. Forums and blogs also play an integral part when it comes to gaining visibility for your business; use external sources like press releases, blog posts from other food specialists or articles found on specialized websites about drinks while keeping content fresh by creating more original pieces using this information