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Our China Marketing Services for Touristic Destinations

Chinese Website

A Website in Chinese to show-off your destination to Chinese Outbound Tourists

Baidu SEO

Get visibility on China biggest search engine & rank on the right keywords

Social Media & Kols

Build awareness on Chinese Social Media & collaborate with travel Kols

PR & Travel Forums

Encourage UGC on Chinese travel forums & gain in credibility with PR

OTA registration

Register your destination on Chinese OTA where tourists plan their trip

Videos Marketing

Video is a great format to show off your destination especially with the rise of short video.

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They trusted us with promoting & advertising their travel destination to Chinese tourists. Find out more about the strategy they adopted and their results

More About our Solutions for Touristic Destinations

Chinese Booking Apps

Chinese Travel platforms such as Ctrip, Qunar, Qyer, Mafengwo … are the most used apps by Chinese tourists for planning & booking a trip. These types of apps usually generate different suggestions of destinations, establishments, and services such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, etc to their users (based on profile) Chinese Internet users can visit the profile of the hotel and restaurant that interest them, look at the menu, and photos taken by other restaurant’s guests. We help you register on those apps, as well as optimize your profile for a better visibility and conversion rate.

Travel Destination need a website & Baidu SEO

Baidu is the 1st platform used by Chinese netizens (travelers) when doing research about anything and it is especially true for tourism and travel destinations such as yours. Our mission: We make sure your website ranks on the right keywords so your services will be found by curious Chinese outbound travelers. In order to do so, we design a beautiful website that fits China's UX norms, is responsive & optimized for Baidu SEO.

Chinese Forums & PR: Online Reputation

Have you heard of Oline Reputation management & undercover marketing? It's the art of featuring good reviews as well as generating organic posts about a company and making negative post disappears. Press releases and travel forums are an excellent way to achieve such a goal. (Bonus: We have an extended media, journalists & bloggers network of 2K+ contacts)

Promote your Destination in China with Social Media & Kols

Chinese consumers (and travelers) spend a great deal of time on their favorite social media, that would be a shame not to be present there. Whether you promote your destination in a subtle way - pictures, travel tips, videos - or decide to go for a more direct approach with Kols Collaboration or Ads, for instance, you'll find your public. Your presence on social media not only will help you do some storytelling & increase your brand awareness, but it will also help travelers to trust you and see you as a legit business. (Using social media, also help you show the "instapics" potential of your destination ;) )

Why hire us to promote your touristic destination to chinese Outbound travelers?


We design destination-marketing programs for the world’s most desired locations in China. We are a luxury destinations agencies in China that offer a lot of services to help you build a marketing program in China. GMA has 9 years of experience and has been at the forefront of new media, technology, and tourism marketing in China. Our team is multi-disciplined with a passion to inspire the Chinese to travel the world over.

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Marketing for Travel Destination - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a market survey to promote my destination in China?

If you want to enter the Chinese tourism market, you have to really understand what Chinese tourists like in order to see them spend money at your travel destination. However, it is very difficult to summarize all the information of Chinese tourists because they can be so different according to different ages, regions, class,es and so on. It is crucial to pay attention to their unique characteristics and major differences between them in order to cash in on this new era of travelers.

What are China main Online Travel Platforms/app?

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and mobile Internet, Chinese tourists spent more money via online travel agencies (OTA). Chinese tourists spent over 600 billion yuan ($87 billion) via OTA platforms, up 34 percent year on year. Nowadays, more and more Chinese like independent travel to package tours. Especially, the New Generation(grown-up 90s generation), who are highly individualized and strong-minded, has become the main E-consumers of those traveling user-generated platforms such as Mafongwo and Qyer.

Best way to promote my tours in China?

Word-of-mouth in China online is very important to the reputation of your tourist tour. There are several ways to build a positive reputation. Build and animate a loyal community. Social networks will allow you to build your community and loyalty. While WeChat is the most used social network, Weibo can also allow you to gain a reputation and retain new subscribers. This works like a microblog with a limited number of characters. Forums and blogs can also help you gain a reputation. Use external sources. Relations presses and specialized blogs in the hotel and restaurant are very important to have better visibility and reputation positive online. The Chinese will trust a travel agency that has been recommended by an online platform.

How to attract Chinese Outbound tourists to my Travel Destination?

Successfully tapping into the huge pool of money spent by Chinese travelers abroad can be a complicated endeavor and in addition to understanding the customer, their behaviors, and their desires, it requires a team effort by digital marketing, PR, and CRM teams both in or outside of China. Chinese Consumer behavior changes rapidly, especially online, so it is crucial to continue experimenting with different tactics and strategies. It’s important to stay focus on what is their expectation in order to produce a good service.