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How do we help you sell on Wechat?

Wechat store set up

We help you register and design your Wechat Store

Wechat Store Management

Listing, design, inventary, we take care of you Wechat Store.

H5 & Mini program

We design a content to increase customers interaction with your brand

Wechat CRM

Increase interaction & make customers journey smoother

Wechat Customers Service

Don't let your visitors down with a poor customers service

Omni-chanel Promotion

An Omni-chanel strategy is critical to the success of your Wechat Store.

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More About Wechat Ecommerce

Open & Manage a Wechat Store

Delivering a personal experience with your Wechat store is our top priority and we have the solutions to get you there. We not only set-up your account but also create an intuitive menu for smooth community management, which includes setting up posts, comments, interactions on forums or comment sites in order to engage users. And because content strategy defines digital reputation as well as the strategic positioning of any company today - so do we! Our team will support all aspects of this strategy by helping us figure out what type of content would work best given each business' goals before implementing it accordingly through areas like watch activity and monitoring negative campaigns against you (or even just neutralizing them).

Run Paid Ads & Organic Campaign

We can help you drive qualified traffic to your WeChat store through our multi-channel strategy that includes SEO and Ads. For example, we guide you on integrating with groups that have a larger community of potential customers who trust the information they relay within these group chats. Chinese consumers are sensitive about promotional offers so having one is key for any successful campaign! Let us design the perfect campaign for you!

Wechat Shops and Customer Service

Wechat shops provide your users with simple and mobile access to products in a convenient payment system. The customer service offers great service to your followers. It offers an effective communication channel to millions of Chinese. Users make use of Wechat public accounts for information or making a request. Customers buy via your Wechat shop and connect to your Wechat public account. Through this, you will give them an integrated and intuitive way to speak to your customer service. Wechat account makes you send discounts to your customers via your Wechat official account and keeps your customers updated about the promotion of brands.

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GMA is an international Wechat Store Agency with a multicultural staff of 70+. GMA has the experience and knowledge to help your business expand in China. They offer top-notch services for new technologies like weChat Stores, which are very popular among Chinese customers.

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Frequently Asked Question about Wechat E-commerce store

Can Foreign Brands Use WeChat Pay?

When consumers buy a product or service from a WeChat e-Commerce platform, the price and payment are automatically converted into the Chinese currency (CNY). The seller will have the money loaded into its account once the buyer completes the purchase.

What is the main challenge when marketing on WeChat?

The key challenge on Wechat for marketers, once acquired, is engaging and providing value for all their subscribers. Today, Chinese social media is a very competitive place for brands and it’s a big contested battle for their attention. It is not enough just to have subscribers, you have to engage, educate about your brand, and talk to them to keep them interested. Even if the WeChat eCommerce space has many nuances, it is crucial for brands who want to expand to China to start exploring space.

What is a WeChat Official Account?

A WeChat Official Account, also known as a WeChat Business Account, is a service launched for a particular organization or company. This type of account is used to promote a brand’s products and services to WeChat community. There is an official application process that must be followed to become approved.

How will overseas vendors benefit from WeChat Pay?

More and more Chinese people choose to travel abroad. When a customer buy a product from an overseas vendor, Wechat pay will be used to convert the foreign currency into CNY. The converted CNY amount will then be deducted from the customer’s account when he confirms the deal in WeChat Pay. As soon as the buyer finishes the payment, he will follow the overseas vendor’s official account. They can still make purchases through this account after they go back to China.