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Our Paid Advertising Services for China

Paid Advertising in China

We run ads on any platforms of your choice so you can get the visibility you need

Native Ads

Chinese netizen consume media on their phone, target them there


Super targetted ads in an engaging format: short video

Wechat Paid Ads

Advertise your company on China number 1 social media

Baidu Paid Ads

Set up your ad manager account, your brand zone, run engaging ads

eCommerce App Ads

Boost your Store visibility thanks to in-app paid advertising

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More about our Paid Advertising Services for China

Paid Advertising in China

The Chinese advertising industry is a hotbed for innovation. There is a number of platforms to choose from when running your paid advertisement, including Baidu Ads and DSPs in addition to native ads on social media apps like WeChat, QQ, or TikTok. We help you design an effective campaign across the most appropriate platform so that it meets your unique needs as well as optimizes scalability; we also offer guidance with metrics reporting and analytics tools so you can see how profitable each channel has been over time!

Mobile app Ads

In China, advertisers have been increasingly focusing on advertising through smartphones. Smartphone use has grown to 57% of media ad revenue in 2019 and is expected to exceed 70%. GMA predicts that close to 60% of total media ad spending will be dedicated towards digital advertisement by 2021 thanks to the BAT companies (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) which represent more than ⅔ of China’s market share for digital ads. The trend suggests you should focus your attention on this kind of advertising as smartphone users can access it ‘on-the-go’ without even having a connection!

Douyin Native Ads

Douyin is a social media app that offers two forms of advertising opportunities. The first type, Brand Takeover ads appears on the loading page and can redirect users to an external landing page or hashtag challenge hosted by the brand. Native Ads are video or picture advertisements with durations from 5-15 seconds that support CTA buttons. This range allows for advertisers to tailor their product offering without being too long nor short in duration - just right!

Baidu Paid Advertising

Unlike Google, Baidu's DSP/Media Banner ads are not particularly used as the majority of all advertising is PPC (Pay-per-click). In fact, Chinese consumers have a higher trust in paid search compared to Westerners. One reason for this might be due to how prevalent pay-per-click models was during the development stages at Baidu; with many digital players monetizing their websites through it. Unlike Google but like Facebook and Twitter, advertisers can purchase banner advertisements on one website or across multiple sites within China’s #1 Search Engine: Baike & Tieba which has over 100 million members registered thus far!

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