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There are 900 million WeChat users. This means opening a WeChat Stores / WeCommerce is inevitable.

Wechat is the new way to sell in China!

You have your community and you can create easily your Store, like Taobao. And sell among your friend and community.Wechat is the future of E-Commerce and may kill Taobao one day.

We recently explain that Any companies can sell in China, anyone can open a store and Sell on Weidian. On youzan, Brands can develop nice Store.

Top Strategies to Sell on Wechat  

1. Content & Promotional Posts

The easiest and most common way to sell on WeChat is to post promotional content on your official account in the form of short articles or messages featuring information about your products, as well as posts sharing your promotional campaigns. Promotional campaigns are a good way to increase the number of subscribers to your official account.

For example, on March 8th, McDonald’s promoted its “A Baked Frit, A Fried Off” operation by posting an article on its official WeChat account. 

2. Advertising on WeChat

It is useful to consider advertising WeChat to increase sales. 2 options are possible: advertising on WeChat Moments and Direct advertising.


Moments are the most popular feature on WeChat. Users can update their status by sharing photos, short videos and articles with family and friends. Brands can pay to display their ads on Moments of Targeted Users.


  1. Weidian is combine the functions of  Wechat & Taobao … Crazzy.
  2. As you may probably know, almost everyone in China is using WeChat
  3. Wechat lets you connect to People , like Facebook actually.
  4. You can share photos Emotion video, Speak with friends, play games, Pay online, use MiniApp , listen music (for free… )

Weidian surely sponsored by Tencent has been very aggressive in its launch and is tackling  on Taobao ( owned by Alibaba ). Its time we emphasize that Tencent and Alibaba are two of the biggest tech giants currently in China. We should also add that the current a rivalry between Tencent and Alibaba in China is simmilar to Samsung and Apple in the states. Tencent and Alibaba have been duking it out both in court and online. Both companies have had the government in China “regulate”. Their goal? More users using their services / more money.


The launch of Weidian has brought another turn in e-commerce in China. Currently, only a few large multinationals like McDonalds and Starbucks have signed agreements with WeChat to sell products / services on the application. To set up an online store as a smaller business, you need to place a large deposit amount with WeChat and your business license. Wechater are also bound to pay with “WechatPay” which happens to be the Tencent payment provider

  • Most people use Alipay which is owned by the competitor Alibaba.

What all this means is currently, there is very little confidence in payments via WeChat via TenPay. If you follow the news in China, take advantage of it for online payments due to account piracy and other security issues (the government has closed several financial service applications).


There are many details when you setup a Store… which made us believe if they succeed in their strategy, they will steal some important Taobao companies.

  1. Intuitive Dev : Its really easy to use the app, much better laid out with little clutter
  2. No Deposit,
  3. No Setup Free,
  4. No Business Licence Needed (Yes strange)

Gentlemen Wedian Services:

1- Setup your WeChat enabled store
2- Easily share your Weidian store products on WeChat, QQ, Weibo,
3- Receive payments from Chinese Clients using various banks ( not limited to Alipay or Tencent which is very nice)
3- Migrate your Taobao Store : You can move your store from Taobao 
4  Customer services
5- commission for your Resellers and KOLs
6- Sales Management

7- store traffic : Marketing Campaign Wechat Ads


We already Open many Wechat Stores for Clients. 

Send us a Request and we will contact you. 
We are not expensive and cover 

  1. Wechat Store Setup 
  2. Wechat ECommerce campaign 


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