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How your hotel can attract Chinese tourists?

Tips for your hotel to appeal to the Chinese


Special attention to Chinese tourists




Chinese tourists are now an important target for tourism industries. With the emergence of a new wealthy class, Chinese spend on leisure and go traveling.

France attracts particularly for its romance and luxurious image.

Overall, there were more than 100 million people travelling abroad, representing a huge target.

Moreover, Chinese are good customers because they spend a lot when they travel. They have spent $ 163 billion abroad in 2014.




Who are they?


The majority of these tourists are young and have less than 35 years. After they are married with young children. They are mainly the post 80 generation.




What strategy to attract Chinese tourists?


A digital strategy (for the Chinese Market) 


These young tourists are very connected, they do a lot of research on internet to prepare and book their holidays. Indeed, 80% use internet ahead of their trip. Therefore, as a hotel, it is essential to establish a good digital strategy across multiple channels. Both through a website, but also on Chinese online booking platforms, social networks such as WeChat and Weibo, assuring good comments and reviews, good ranking on Baidu and finally proposing additional services adapted to Chinese persons.




An informative website (in Chinese) 


Your hotel must have its own Chinese website to inform potential customers about its rooms and facilities.

The site must be fast, for this it is advised to have a hosting in Hong Kong.

Then, the website must be attractive and pleasant. The most important information such as price, must appear clearly, even for luxury hotels. Photos and videos are also very important and must be of good quality to inspire future tourists.


Capture d’écran 2016-07-12 à 16.47.19


A presence on Chinese booking platforms


As in the West Booking.com, Ctrip, Qunar, Tuniu, and Elong are among the major players in the e-toursime China.

These platforms offer reservation services for hotels and airline tickets in China and abroad.

They compare different accomodation and flights and thus find low prices for consumers. Users are invited to post comments about their experiences and feeling in the hotel. Good comments can influence new customers. Indeed, 16% of Chinese tourists rely on consumer reviews to help making final decisions about their trip. So you need positive feedback about these sites to influence people to book your hotel and not another one. Photos also provide strong incentives for consumers. So you need some great quality pictures on those sites to make customers want to book.

These platforms include exactly what the Chinese are seeking, that is why it is essential to register on these if you want to attract Chinese tourists to your hotel.


Capture d’écran 2016-07-12 à 16.33.45


An account on the social networks


Almost half of the travellers use social networks in their search of information for their future travel.

So your hotel brand must create an account on these social networks to attract more Chinese. China has set up its own networks including WeChat and Weibo which are the main medias used.

Weibo has 50 million daily active users and many blogs are devoted to tourism and travel stories.

WeChat, the mobile chat application allows you to share photos to the community and inform customers.

Create an account on Weibo and WeChat for your hotel will give you a good image and deliver information to your customers easily. This will also allow you to build an online community of fans and interact with them.




Influencers campaign


The Key opinion leaders are experts in a specific field, their opinions are strongly followed. So you have to get their opinions on your platforms.

To influence Chinese consumers, you can also create a partnership with a Chinese star so that it becomes an ambassador for your hotel. The Chinese often follow a reference model and a star will thus greatly benefit for your establishment’s image.

Finally, to improve your online reputation and the trust consumers have on your establishment, you can create your own positive press release, designed with photos and videos.


A good SEO on Baidu




A good SEO strategy

To generate traffic, it is important to be well ranked on the main search engines. Thus, the optimization of your site, suitable keywords that match your hotel and good backlinks will allow your site to position itself in the top results.


An appeal to the SEM:

You can also pay in order to appear on the top results according some specific keywords. It could be a great strategy at the beginning because it will enable your hotel to appear quickly in the top positions of the search engine.


Additional Services


Capture d’écran 2016-07-12 à 16.25.59


Your hotel must offer additional services tailored to Chinese needs.

The older tourists often do not speak English. So you can offer brochures in Chinese and hire someone with Mandarin skills to make Chinese pleased.

Thus, if you accept Chinese credit cards, customize your menus to Chinese tastes, offer kettles and Mandarin chains on television in the rooms for example you can satisfy and attract new customers from China.

Finally, happy customers will recommend your business to their friends and their virtual networks.

If you are an hotel and want to get more Chinese clients, you can contact us to know our solutions.

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  1. There is a website with Chinese friendly hotels and restaurants

    The quirks of mainland Chinese tourists are being celebrated rather than ridiculed in a novel hotel-ranking system that aims to attract Chinese travelers by using dragons instead of stars to score hotels on a niche set of criteria.


    Hotels get points for such things as offering congee at the breakfast buffet and Chinese-language TV. To attain the highest “five dragon” ranking, hotels must have Putonghua-speaking staff, city maps in Chinese and activities specifically tailored to Chinese tourists.

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  2. Hi, I am working for a hotel group , located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We wish to advertise online in China as this is a growing market in Cambodia, with over 2 million people this year. We are targeting people between 30 and 59 years old from mainland China. We have materials and services targeted at Chinese customers such as translated menus, website

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