Chinese Tour Operators are searching Partners in Tanzania

A group of approximately 40 Chinese tour operators arrived in Zanzibar, Tanzania to search for Partner.

Tanzania will be a hot Destination for Chinese tourists soon with good relationship between governement.

Many Chinese People enjoys their trip in Africa.

Their purpose is to embark on a familiarization mission aimed at expanding Tanzania’s tourism market to China.

What want Chinese travel agencies in Tanzania?

When searching for Chinese tour operators to build a partnership, it is essential to consider reputable and trustable companies in the tourism industry.

They do not want to work with Bad services providers or Scammers

Here are some steps to help you in your search:

Online Research on Baidu:

They will use Chinese search engines and online directories to find Chinese tour operators. Look for directories specific to the Chinese tourism market or directories that list international tour operators.

Somme will attendt to Associations and Trade Shows. These events provide an excellent platform to meet and connect with Chinese tour operators.

Networking & Social Media: Leverage your existing network or establish new connections within the tourism industry, use WeChat. Seek recommendations from industry professionals, travel agencies, or local tourism boards who may have contacts or knowledge of reputable Chinese tour operators. WeChat is the best way to network in China

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Online Travel Platforms: Explore popular online travel platforms that cater to the Chinese market, such as Ctrip, Qunar, or Fliggy (Alibaba’s travel platform). These platforms often feature tour operators and can provide insights into their offerings and reputation.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation: Once they identify you as potential partner tour operators, Chinese people conduct thorough research to assess your reputation, experience, customer reviews, and track record. Verify your licenses, certifications, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Contact and Communication: The Cultural Gap

Reach out to the selected tour operators through their official website, email, or phone. Introduce yourself, express your interest in establishing a partnership, and request further information or a meeting to discuss potential collaboration.


Remember, building partnerships takes time and effort. It is crucial to evaluate compatibility, shared goals, and mutual benefits before committing to a partnership with a Chinese tour operator.

Tanzania will open their door to Chinese Tourists

Hafsa Mbamba, the executive secretary of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, expressed that this initiative is designed to facilitate the opening of Tanzania’s market to China. She warmly welcomed the Chinese group, emphasizing their significance as the first visitors from China following the COVID-19 pandemic. Mbamba highlighted that the delegation consists of individuals from various provinces in China who will have the opportunity to explore diverse tourist attractions.

During their visit, the Chinese visitors will immerse themselves in our culture, heritage, beach tourism, and other captivating attractions. The objective is for them to gain first-hand experience and knowledge that they can subsequently utilize to promote these offerings upon their return to China. Upon their arrival at the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, Mbamba expressed her enthusiasm, stating that the visitors’ exposure to Zanzibar’s rich offerings will enable them to effectively market and showcase these experiences back in China.

Additionally, Mr mentioned that the Chinese visitors will partake in business-to-business discussions with their Zanzibar counterparts throughout their stay. This engagement will further facilitate collaboration and exchange of ideas between the two parties.

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