Will Chinese Tourists go back to Egypt in 2022?

Egypt used to receive 500,000 Chinese travellers, and with the crisis It is complicated for Chinese tourists to fly to Egypt, but the situation might Change.

65th Anniversary of Egypt-Chinese Relations.

The Chinese Ambassador to Cairo Liao Liqiang marked the 65th Anniversary of Egypt-Chinese Relations. He stated that China is Egypt’s largest trading partner.

Liqiang stated that the trade volume between Egypt, China and Egypt reached $14.5 billion in a press conference.

Investment of China in Egypt

He pointed out that the value of trade in the first quarter 2021 was up 31 percent to 4.18 billion.

Liqiang stated that the 2020 direct investments between Egypt, China and Egypt totaled $190 million. He also noted that $1.2 billion was spent by China on Egypt.

Direct investments between the two countries almost doubled in Q1 2021 to reach $83 millions.

Liqiang stated that the Egyptian-Chinese relations have made progress in all areas, including trade and economy.

Some 235,000 Chinese tourists visit Egypt every year before 2020. The tourism crisis lasted for long, an Egyptian advisor to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Nearly half a million Chinese tourists visited Egypt in 2018.

Egypt and China, a good relationship

The ambassador pointed out that cooperation in the areas of space, energy, information technology and mining saw significant progress.

During the pandemic the cooperation projects between the countries grew regularly, including in Suez Canal, New Administrative Capital, and the railway project at the 10th of Ramadan.

Collaboration is possible in many other projects as well, such as the construction of five tall residential buildings at New Alamein City or the electric car project.

Liqiang pointed out that Egypt was ranked among the top five African tourist destinations for Chinese tourists in 2018. He said that half a million Chinese tourists visited Egypt in the same year.

Egypt Temples , museum and archaeological wonders

Egypt’s Luxor is witness to a revival of tourism in COVID-19 thanks to the reopening an ancient avenue.

Egypt hopes to make Luxor the largest open museum in the World and to highlight its unique tourist and archaeological potentials by reopening the historical avenue.
Tourism accounts for approximately 12 percent of Egypt’s GDP. With the arrival of over 13 million tourists, Egypt was able to generate a record revenue of 13 billion US dollars.

After a couple of years of decline in tourism, the peak was achieved by a Russian plane accident over Sinai Peninsula in October 2015 that left 228 dead and an EgyptAir plane crash in May 2016, which killed all 66 passengers.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Egypt and the subsequent lockdowns around the world led to a decline in tourism later.

Tourists are flocking to Luxor’s Karnak Temple Complex, Upper Egypt’s city-rich in monuments. This is because the North African country has seen a revival of tourism following a long period of recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bustle around Luxor’s temples and other sites was even more evident after Egypt opened the ancient Avenue of Sphinxes to the public on Friday, after years of restoration work.

Visitors came from all over the world to walk along the ancient 2,400-year-old walkway lined with 1,057 man-headed and ram-headed sphinxes.

Ambassador said that bilateral relations between Egypt and China were a good example to follow because they are characterised by cooperation, solidarity and mutual benefit.

First vaccine doses to Egypt

China provided the first coronavirus vaccine doses to Egypt in December. The first shipment contained 50,000 doses the Sinopharm vaccine.

As it began its January vaccination campaign, Egypt contracted for millions of Sinopharm doses.

China’s Sinovac also signed an agreement with Egypt to allow them to produce vaccines in Egypt. This will ensure that the vaccine is locally available and can be exported to Africa.

The agreement stipulates that Egypt will produce 40 million vaccine doses within the first year.

How to attract Chinese tourists in Egypt ?

You can attract Chinese tourists by managing your online business via Chinese social media Marketing .

Partner with local Chinese tour operators

Partnering with Chinese tour companies is a great way to get more groups nut it is hard. To ensure that your business is noticed by Chinese tourists, it’s important to make your company name is visible on Chinese social media, and trustable. Although listing on Dianping, Ctrip or Elong, Qunar etc… These travel website are a great way to get your business noticed, it is not the only solution. We have some tips to help you get noticed by people on the other side of this world.

Socia Media marketing in China

You might be able to activate and feed official accounts on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Facebook) and WeChat (similar like Instagram, WhatsApp, plus Facebook) and use Chinese influencers. KOL/Chinese Influencers/Chinese Social Media Stars are growing faster than the West or in your Egyptian calendar.

Most Chinese social media have published lot of good content in travel for Egypt, established brands or Shops, intineraies and set up online shops. Chinese travel influencer, have provide many information about Egypt. In the booming KOL(influencers industry it can be difficult for someone to know if the followers).

Partner with local partners

It is best to seek out a professional agency specialized in Tourism, to avoid being scammed.

  • We are a digital marketing agencies focus on tourism since 2012.
  • We do more that language barriers, we perform on marketing campaigns.

Many Chinese tour companies , influencers, trendsetters, Medias, travelers don’t speak English,

Travel Agents can also help you determine the best Chinese platform to promote your company. Learn more about KOL Marketing

Word or Mouth in China & E-Reputation

Understanding Chinese behaviour is key to attracting Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists can easily be influenced by other people’s opinions. They refer to their “reviews and advice tools” when traveling. The king of these is Dazhong Dianping, Ctrip, Qunar.

Chinese tourists both in China and overseas. If a restaurant , hotel, Spot has an almost endless number of rave reviews on Dianping then the Chinese will flock to it in droves. However, bad reviews can put off potential Chinese customers and they will choose to eat somewhere with a higher rating. It is common in China to find two restaurants serving the same cuisine side by side. One restaurant may be completely empty while the other is full of hungry diners waiting outside for their table.

This is the ctrip effect at its best. In the next step, we will give you a step by step strateg to this powerful and influential app, just contact our marketing agency.

We’ll also tell you how to get your business listed in Feizhu and Red/Xiaohongshu are all other Chinese tourism platforms.

Ctrip mobile app

Video sharing: Douyin, Kaushou, wechat video are on the rise. Similar to TikTok in Egypt… short videos are a good entertainement.

Find out more about how Chinese social media can be used to attract Chinese tourists.

The Chinese Holiday Calendar

You can prepare for them. Holidays are an integral part of any society’s life, and it is no different in China. It is important to remember that the Chinese holiday calendar is very different from the western calendars. There are no Easter holidays or Christmas holidays in China, which is a non-Christian nation.

The main holidays are the ‘Golden Week’ which falls between mid January and mid March and China’s National day.

The Lunar calendar is used to calculate the dates for this holiday. Many Chinese will only have the opportunity to go on holiday during these two periods. Because of this, China’s tourist spots are overcrowded at this time, more Chinese tourists are looking for more relaxed experiences. It will be easier to plan your campaigns, and it will help you attract Chinese tourists who are close by! Chinese holidays calendar 2020 Make Chinese tourists feel at home by making your business local. This is the ultimate goal of every business. This doesn’t mean that Chinese customers have to be served by your own business (although this might work in certain sectors). It is worth looking at how you can adapt and ‘localize” your services to meet the needs of your target customers. You might consider translating your menu or door signs into Chinese, offering photo opportunities (for restaurants), providing Chinese TV channels, advice and warning signs in Chinese, as well as providing hot water and breakfast options for your staff. These details, along with many others (such a listing on Dianping), will increase your chances of pleasing your Chinese customers and boost your popularity online, you have to setup special advertising campaign for Chinese social media.

Mobile Payment in China

A “WeChat Pay/Alipay” door sign will help you attract Chinese tourists and distinguish you from other neighbours who may be skeptical or unaware of the WeChat/Alipay revolution.

Alipay and WeChat Pay overseas are the most popular Chinese social media platforms. The customer pays in Chinese Yuan (RMB) while the store receives the payment in local currency. It is therefore not necessary that non-Chinese businesses deal with foreign currency as the revenue is sent directly to the business’s bank account. This is an excellent opportunity for European retailers who offer mobile payment solutions to market their products and attract Chinese tourists.

Egyptian Small business have to get WeChat Pay & Alipay WeChat Pay, a Chinese online payment company founded by Tencent in 2011, introduced its instant payment service to Egypt in 2018-2019 through collaboration with western bank. Western retailers will now be able to access it to compete with Alipay, the Chinese competitor from Alibaba Group. This allows Egypt retailers to target more than 1.2 Billion WeChat users monthly. We’re not talking about large department stores. WeChat’s QR Code Payment System can be installed by any shop, restaurant, or bar. It is a favorite among Chinese shoppers and one of the easiest things to ever happen to mankind. Your customers can pay instantly by scanning the QR code of your business and paying in their local currency.

The payment is then sent to your business account in your currency.

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