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Is Hawaii ready for Chinese tourists ?

No, you’re not dreaming. 

This little piece of paradise does exist. This island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 3,792 kilometers west of the American coast. Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the United States of America, and represents a strategic point for the country. Indeed, it is only 5700 kilometers east of Japan that the American base is located.

hawaii a paradise for chinese tourists?

Complexe geopolitical situation

Hawaii’s geopolitical situation is one of the most complex. The island is under the authority of the United States and yet economically dependent on the market with Pacific countries such as Taiwan, Japan and China.

If the island looks like a little piece of paradise, it is the tourism market that drives its economy. According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA, News Release), tourists brought in $1.39 billion to the state in May 2019. 20% of these tourists are Asian, which represents a significant share.


Trade with China is hampered by two factors:

– Visa requirements for Chinese tourists

– Trump’s restrictive trade policy


Why trade policies are so restrictive?

A trade war to begin between the two economic powers of the world: China and the USA. The two superpowers are playing who will have the most influence, and therefore the most power. This is why Trump has put in place trade deal to limit economic exchanges between China and one of its states.

Hawaii is suffering greatly from its restrictions, as this is having a growing impact on its economy. But the United States takes a dim view of Hawaii’s economic dependence on China. Indeed, China is already starting to impose its influence through its economic power. The reason the US President put this strategy in place in spite of the economy negative impact is that he was afraid that Hawaii would end up facing the same problems as Australia.

Australia’s case

Article from de New York Times, by Damien Cave and Jacqueline Williams, June 28, 2018 :

Australia is a country in the middle of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Like Hawaii, its economy is very much oriented towards tourism.

China is the country’s leading trading partner. Therefore, Australia is facing a growing dependence on Chinese tourists money. The Chinese Communist Party has already begun to gain a foothold in Australia, which is trying to regulate this impact with new legislation.


How Hawaii can stay attractive for Chinese tourists?


Hawaii has lost its attractiveness to Chinese tourists because of this war of influence between the two countries. It is then with a well-thought-out strategy that Hawaiian companies must come back stronger.

Ajouter un paragraph comparaison entre thailand et hawaii et les point unique qui font que Hawaii peut devenir une destination super populaire.

It is through the Internet that Hawaii will be able to conquer the Chinese market.

This would offer it :

– Better visibility

– A targeted audience

– A controlled brand image

– Unrivalled competitiveness


Digital Marketing strategy in China: step by step Guide

The Chinese market is a complex market and very different from the US market. The rules are not the same.

Your new digital strategy should be focus on one main point :

Your visibility

In order to promote your tourism agency in China, you have to master some very specific tools.

SEO in China, what you need to understand

SEO stands for  Search engine optimization.*
This anagram encompasses a whole host of techniques to increase the visibility of your company. These techniques will give you a real advantage over your competitors. Indeed, you will be the first to appear when potential customers start searching for their future trip.
Very effective yet very complex.
SEO requires a lot of work and experience, the techniques are to be learned in order to be used properly. It can be useful to generate leads 



Forums: Mafengwo et Qyer

Introduire rapidement pourquoi ces plateform sont populaire et comment les profesionnel du tourism peuvent utliser ses forums de voyage à leur avantage.


WeChat, what you should not miss!


WeChat is the favorite social media tool of Chinese customers, so it has to be your favorite too

It is feature-rich platform that you won’t be able to do without. Your Chinese customers use it every day.

First of all, it is the first Chinese social network, having well over a billion users.

Can you realize how much it can be improved your visibility ?


Allowing its users to communicate in writing, orally, on video or on call, with two or more people. The possibilities of approaching the consumer are then diverse. For example, interest based discussion groups can be created to target your audience while having a message with a wide reach.What makes the mobile application so successful is the wide range of its features.

You can talk there, but you can also sell there!

It is possible via WeChat to create your own online store.

This would give your brand visibility to more than a billion people.

It makes you dream, doesn’t it?

Still some requirements should be taken on this app.

If you trip, the whole reputation of your agency will be shattered.

Here is an article which will bring you an overview of the different social media  WeChat features.
More information about social media on

KOL / Influencers


KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader. You may know them as “influencers”.

Those people have the power of the popularity that every company is dreaming of.

The deal is :

You offer them a trip, they offer you their popularity.

The perfect arrangement, isn’t it?

It’s not easy to deal with it, though. Indeed, once again, you need a good knowledge of the market and a well-functioning strategy in order to target the perfect KOL for your brand

Knowing these opportunities and these difficulties, Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA) is offering you help and solutions!

GMA is a Travel Marketing Agency which guides companies in their way to conquer the Chinese market.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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