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More Chinese tourists to visit Japan and South Korea this summer

Japan and South Korea are the priority targets for Chinese tourists this summer

Summer time is gala time for children anywhere across the world. This time, for Chinese students, summer’s heat has been doubled with an increase in the opportunity for them to go across the world touring. Many of the Chinese families have made up their minds to take their kids on a tour to the nooks and corners of the country and overseas.


This trend could have begun as a result of the summer vacation and surprisingly, it is this summer that has seen a lot of travelers willing to make their trips longer. The travel agencies are fed mostly by international tours and can now wear a pretty smile on the face due to this increase in the demand for tourism. Packages that count 5 days and more are the ones that are mostly looked for by the Chinese travelers this year. With this rise in demand, one can see a natural rise in the travel agency service charges by 30%.

Airline tickets prices go through the roof but currency depreciation saves the day

Chinese yuan

Airline tickets prices also have seen a hike because of the increased demand for travel to across Asian countries around the last one week. The falling values of Korean won and Japanese Yen have also been major reasons for the tourists to be attracted more towards those two destinations (Korea and Nasdaq). South East Asian islands have not failed in attracting the Chinese tourists as a good number of them also choose to visit these magnificent islands every year.

Visa exemption further increase the appeal of those countries

The fall of the Japanese currency yen’s value to the lowest in the past 22 years has managed to create a big change in the country’s tourism aspect. The number of Chinese travelers visiting japan has increased in two fold as a result of the same. The exemption from visa fees for some of the Chinese cities to enter South Korea has given a breakthrough in Korean tourism as well.

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