Top Strategies For Digital Marketing In China

The Chinese market is extremely lucrative, which is common knowledge. There is no better place to put money for a company trying to grow and expand. However, it might be challenging to break into this sector, particularly when it comes to generating sales. You need to be aware of the subtleties and cultural sensitivities of the people you are selling to. If you want to sell in China, how do you go about doing it? Let’s examine some of the gold standards.

How to successfully sell your products or services on the Chinese market?

There are a few key things to keep in mind when selling your products on the Chinese market:

  1. Localized marketing – it’s important to tailor your marketing efforts to local preferences;
  2. Understanding the buying process – Chinese consumers often value quality and price equally, and will often do considerable research before making a purchase;
  3. Meeting consumer preferences – Chinese consumers are extremely brand-conscious and often look for prestige and status in the products they buy; and
  4. Developing successful partnerships – forming strong partnerships with local distributors or companies is essential for success in China.

1. Develop your Chinese Website and Work on Search Engine Optimization

Creating a website or webpage that is optimized for Baidu (and the great firewall) and for China’s UX requirement, ultimately making it mobile-friendly, should be your first step in entering the Chinese market. Credibility is important, but having a website is necessary for search engine optimization and paid advertising.

Keep in mind that your website shouldn’t be viewed as a direct sales channel, but rather as a means to direct people to an indirect sales channel (i.e. Chinese e-commerce platforms). Customers that shop online are more likely to use a reputable and established e-commerce platform rather than a random website. In contrast to their Chinese counterparts, many Western businesses mistakenly believe their website should be their primary sales channel, diverting resources that could be better used elsewhere.

If you want your website to be seen by people using the Chinese internet, search engine optimization for Baidu is crucial. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing your website’s visibility in search engines to increase the number of visitors it receives through organic search results.

2. Build Brand Awareness with Chinese Social Media Channels

Brand recognition can be successfully expanded in China through the use of social media marketing. WeChat and Weibo, for example, both have massive user counts, which means that they offer companies access to a massive online audience.

Second, since more and more Chinese consumers go to social media for product and service information, it has become a crucial avenue for companies to interact with potential clients.
Last but not least, businesses can use social media to precisely target their messages, reaching the appropriate individuals at the right time.

Western brands that sell products in China need WeChat Marketing

  1. WeChat has over 1 billion users, making it the perfect platform for reaching a large audience
  2. If you are not on WeChat with an official account, you won’t get the trust of consumers
  3. WeChat is very user-friendly and easy to use, which makes it ideal for engaging customers.
  4. WeChat provides a lot of valuable features such as loyalty programs and payment capabilities, which helps brands connect with customers more effectively.
  5. WeChat is constantly evolving and expanding, so brands can continue to rely on it for reaching Chinese consumers.

3. Collaborate with KOL to promote your business

Promoting positive word-of-mouth is essential for increasing exposure and establishing a solid online reputation. KOL can lend a hand.

In the world of social media, “Key Opinion Leaders” (KOL) are the users who have attained notoriety thanks to the large amounts of attention they have received. In China, fans of KOLs often place more faith in them than in major corporations. The number of people that follow some KOLs might easily be in the millions.

Ideal for swaying the opinions of the masses, they are. Through key opinion leaders (KOLs), you may sway consumers. You can communicate with your intended audience through them. That is to say that middlemen can be quite helpful in promoting the sale of imported alcohol in China.

4. Find distributors and resellers on Taobao & Tmall

Distributors can be located using these channels if your products are in demand and your brand is well-known. Get in touch with them and see if they’d be interested in carrying your products in their shop. Also, we can assist you in your endeavor.

Another form of e-commerce, TMALL B2D is a Chinese online distributor.

Tmall Brand to Distributor is an online marketplace connecting Chinese distributors with up-and-coming brands. The chance to communicate with Chinese wholesalers directly is open to any brand.

5. Use Native Ads to reach out to more Chinese consumers

Media buying Project audit

Let us find out where you are at compared to the competition, what improvement can be made to your website, how is your website ranked, who is your target audience and what are the best tools and platforms to efficiently reach it.

Landing page Optimization

Adapting a concept for the Chinese market is not a single process it varies greatly depending on different platforms being utilized, formatting, specific media strategy types, the target audience & products/services in question. If simply translating your content sounds like the most efficient option it turns out not to be always true. The content needs to be created for the Chinese mindset.

Paid Ads Campaign + Reporting

Less present than at the beginning of the web in Europe, banner ads are still widely used in China! There are two types of banners: static and animated that will have to be chosen according to your project/budget. The latest trend in DSP is the video short video platform. Chinese netizens consume a lot of short videos (Weibo, Youku, IQIYI, Tencent, Douyin…) The next step after launching a campaign is an accurate analysis of the results every month. We sit together, discuss and correct the direction of the campaign for the coming month.

AR ads in China is booming. brands can use innovative strategies with hardware, software, AR content, or special services, You need to understand that China already reach $3billion.
We can see AR everywhere. Ask us.

You are a foreign company looking to Sell in China?

Let us guide you

We are an international team, here to help you to develop your business in China. We understand your Chinese consumers: their needs and habits.

We have a large experience and also understand the foreign brands’ difficulties when they tried to enter the Chinese market.

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