You want Sells in China .. You mean Leads?

If you work in B2B, service industry or High value products… if you want develop your business in China, you need “leads”.
What is a lead , it is a potential buyer that contact you, with a project and ask for a call, a quotation or information.

Easy business is impossible in China

China is the most emerging country of tourists in the world, they are so many and they spend a lot of money. Statistics say that “China is the largest business travel market in the world”. Chinese Tourists spend 318 Billion USD per year comparing to the Americans that are spending 283 USD per Year and Germans with only 68USD a year.

Verdict: China is the Biggest Tourism Market in the world, Deal with it seriously. If you want to a millionaire in three months and invest what you usually invest to get European tourists, China is not for you.

Off-line contacts will waste your Time and Money

A minimum of ambition and serious business spirit is needed. That means accepting the fact that everything is different in China. The Chinese Market is worth adapting and acting accordingly, it’s lucrative, but it demands some serious and ambitious people.

Stop using the same approach/strategy you’re using with other markets, you will, waste your time, your money and you will be stuck there in eternity.

Seeking B2B partnership directly will give you zero return on investment. Chinese B2B tourism professionals will never accept to partner with you; they will check you on the channel where they do THEIR business: “THE DIGITAL”. Of course you will not be there, because you have no idea that the Chinese digital is totally different, all the western Social Medias and search engines are blocked. China has its own platforms.


Finding a Professional Digital Agency  specialized in the Chinese Market in order to take care of your digital presence and bring you Leads, it’s the only way, creating a community around your company and the destination you are selling, By doing that, you will get B2B clients, increase your Branding and attract B2B Partners. Now let’s talk about the Lead Generation.

Lead Generation: The Only Effective Way

The Lead Generation in China in 2023 is using SEO, E-Reputation and Social Media in order to bring you potential Clients. So by extension, a Lead is a Potential Client, and it’s up to you to convert this potential client into a proper Client.

There is some cheap Indian Companies calling themselves “Lead Providers”, it’s a pure scam. These are non-serious business partners that will soak-up your budget and bring you zero results; Why? Because they bring you fake leads.

Real Leads are the result of a whole Digital tailor made strategy for Your business, enhancing Your selling points, correcting your weaknesses, and hiding every bad and fatal propaganda about your business.

A Digital Marketing Agency based in China (not all of them, choose wisely), will put on your service all of its expertise and consulting in order to know exactly your KPIs.

By doing so, the Quality of the Leads they will hand you will be converted so easily into proper sells, because they are real people contacting you, asking for more information or for willing to buy directly. Let’s say that out of 50 Leads you can convert 10 into proper sells, which is more than enough in China.

Keep Informed before going into a New Market, Ask for a professional’s guidance, Be consulted by proper Digital Consultants with years of experience in generating profit for tourism business professional from around the world.

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