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Chinese tourists highly attracted to Asian destinations

Asia will grasp most of the Chinese outbound tourists 

photo touristes chinoisThe Pacific part of Asia will remain a first choice destination for the upcoming Chinese outbound tourists increase, the market is believed to grow by 17% in 2007 according to analysis from Euromonitor International.

Top 7 destinations for Chinese tourists

Thanks to an overall income rise in China and newly approved destinations, the Chinese outbound tourists number is set to reach about 80 million through 2011. Seven of the destinations are located in Pacific-Asia. It is expected that around 85% of the Chinese tourists are to choose from Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Vietnam. Places like Macau and Hong Kong have long been primary destinations for Chinese tourists, Vietnam and South Korea will benefit the most from this growth, around 21% per year from 2007 to 2011.

Hong Kong

photo hong kongHong Kong is popular among Chinese tourists mainly for its shopping assets, offering a great variety of luxury brand shops. Euromonitor International studies showed that about 38% of the total expenses by Chinese tourists involves shopping. Singapore and Japan might become attractive destinations for them in the coming years.

Mandarin-friendly destinations

An obvious question remains, why would most of the Chinese tourists only travel in the nearest countries? The studies carried out by the research department of Euromonitor International shed light onto this matter. photo bouffe chinoise huo guoThe nearby countries offer the Chinese tourists some familiar assets such as Asian food and a very close culture, while also providing tourist brochures cautiously translated into Mandarin. They are also cheaper as they are obviously closer from China. Quite the opposite of what European and North-America have to offer, they are not known as Chinese-friendly places. Although it would seem that France is the only country that proposes such assets.

Targeted clientele

These Asian destinations will have to be fully aware of what changes the Chinese market is currently going through. The tourist aged from 20 to 34 will account for about 30% of the total income in China, they are also expected to have the highest incomes and thus a strong purchasing power. These destinations will have to be knowledgeable of the new young consumer generations as they are well-educated when it comes to the internet and e-commerce. Being attractive to all Chinese tourists at the same time might not be the smartest strategy.

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