How to use Games to lure Chinese consumers

The male protagonist of the Chinese otome smartphone game “Light and Night” by Tencent, Charlie Su, was born on July 24. Boucheron, a French jewelry manufacturer, released a special film honoring his birthday on the same day it revealed its collaboration with the title.

With Su’s persona as a nocturnal phoenix in mind, the two organizations have begun working with the Shandong Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve on a variety of bird-related conservation activities. At the end of the minute-long advertisement, Su shows off some of the jewelry from Boucheron’s feather-shaped Plume de Paon collections and talks on the significance of protecting birds and animals.

Over 4.4 million people have seen the advertising video broadcast by the “Light and Night” official Weibo account, including 135,000 impressions from players of the game. The players consider the male protagonist to be a “genuine” person and possibly a potential life mate. Yet, unlike with celebrity endorsements, the relationship with the game has not significantly increased sales, and some Weibo users have noted that the advertised products are priced excessively high.

Thanks to celebrity endorsements and branding initiatives like the “La Maison Boucheron” display in Shanghai last year, Kering’s Boucheron has increased its brand recognition in China. Boucheron had “extremely solid performance” in the first half of 2022, according to Kering’s financial figures for the time, which were published last month.

Boucheron was extremely cautious in its outreach to its fan base for its first-ever collaboration with a mobile app. The company decided to repost the advertising video from the mobile game’s Weibo rather than upload it itself. However, the partnership is a significant step in the localization plan of the established firm.

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