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Top 10 of the most visited sites in France by Chinese tourists

France remains a major destination for Chinese travellers France has been shocked by the terrosim attacks that has decreased their popularity among Chinese travellers. Even though Chinese outbound tourism favorite destinations are other Asian regions like Hong-Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South-Korea, Thailand and Singapore, Chinese tourism in Europe remains strong and especially in France. As of…

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Chinese tourists bought the half of world’s luxury goods

  According to the Ministry of Commerce, Chinese tourists spended up to 1.2 trillion yuan ($183 billion) on shopping abroad last year ; mostly on luxury goods. The Fortunate Character Research Center evaluats the Chinese overseas consumption of luxury goods of 46% of the global purchases, namely $116.8 billion and at least $91 billion was spent…

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What is the right lead generation strategy for a travel Agency in China

Are you a travel agency trying to enter the Chinese market? We can totally understand your desire as China is the biggest outbound market in the world. However, it should be noted that if you want to build a viable travel agency in China you will have to tailor your strategy and mainly go online….

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Top 5 Facts about Chinese tourists that every CEO in the Travel Business should know

Throughout the main touristic forums in China, we can draw up the portrait of Chinese travelers. According to their behaviors, we can therefore understand and identify Chinese tourists particularities. 1- Chinese (old) people like travelling in a group : They favor travels surrounded by members of their family or travelling companions. Indeed, family relations have a…

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