5 reasons why Chinese like travel to Thailand

China’s reopening is anticipated to have a huge influence on tourism in Thailand since China was one of the top travel destinations for Chinese travelers in 2019 (they made up more than 25% of all visitors to Thailand). Thailand, a popular tourist destination in the area, maybe the first to benefit from this and experience an improvement in its economic performance in 2023 despite a worse global economy.

How many tourists does Thailand expect in 2023?

Thailand has revised its forecast for the number of Chinese visitors arriving in 2023 following a strong recovery in the country’s tourism industry. According to Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of Thailand’s Tourism Agency, the figure has increased by 2 million from the earlier estimate of between 5 and 6 million. Now, Thailand expects 7–8 million Chinese visitors. On Monday, he spoke at the “Beautiful Thailand, Incredible New Chapters Roadshow to China 2023” in Shanghai.

With the reinstatement of outbound group tours for Chinese residents on a trial basis on February 6, outbound tourism authorities have intensified promotions throughout China. Because of the COVID epidemic, the trips were put on hold for three years.

Why are Chinese Tourists so much like Thailand?

1. Located in Asia


Chinese tourists are firstly interested in traveling in Asia. They prefer familiarity in terms of food, and customs and get mandarin language translations for brochures and websites.  But it’s also because Asian countries are often cheaper to get to and in less time than the rest of the world. As an example, France which is a European country that makes a lot of effort to well welcomed the Chinese people receive 2 million Chinese tourists per year and the tendency is growing up.

Here is an interesting article about Chinese tourists spent $12.2 billion in Japan last year

2. Partnership

The People’s Republic of China and the Kingdom of Thailand set up a partnership to promote tourism in both countries. They exchange employees of both tourism offices to facilitate communication on the spot and to improve the quality of the service. It looks like it works because the tourism of the Chinese in the Kingdom of Thailand increases every year.

3. Exotic locations

Exotic location

Chinese people are looking for more adventurous and exotic locations, this is due to the influence of social media (such as WeChat, QQ, and Youku…) and the fact that they are getting richer, so they want to get more surprised and touched by their trip.

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Surprisingly, Chinese tourists’ travel goals are to enjoy nice environments, to experience a foreign culture, and not just to shop, which has been the top priority for a long time.

4. Trendy Destination

Thailand trendy

Thailand’s economy is mainly supported by tourism and that is not surprising. With its dream beaches, paradisiac islands, sunny weather, and a lower pollution level than China, Thailand has everything to offer to Chinese tourists.

5. Safety

thailand police

For Chinese travelers, safety is an important concern to consider, and the interest in that aspect is growing up every year. As an example, when terrorist attacks hit Paris, Chinese tourists canceled their trips to the city and that caused many disagreements in the French tourism sector at that period.

Most Important: 90% of Chinese tourists will search online for hotel 

Marketing online is important, because most the Chinese travelers will search online, groups for Shopping, and independent travelers to plan their trip, book their hotel and find the best Restaurant. 

Every tourism companies have to work on Chinese search Engines, Chinese Social Networks, and different travel platforms to catch this flow of visitors.

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