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Chinese Tourists !


SEO in Chinese

We provide ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ services for Baidu, 360, Sogou and Google : Auditing, Onsite Optimisation, Content Marketing, Backlinks & Inbound Marketing.



We provide SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services to attract visitors to your website, this is a useful e-tourism strategy. Baidu pay per click, analysis & reporting.

Press Relations

We will improve your visibility on Chinese online media. We start with the creation of press releases, story telling and diffusing of content to suitable magazines or newspapers.

Website Consulting & Hosting


We support tourism companies and host their websites in China & Hong Kong. We can analyse and translate content into Mandarin.

Online reputation management

We offer online reputation management, diffusion of positive content, story telling, posting positive reviews, and can produce high quality articles to disseminate.

Community Management

Social Media

Social media is very popular in the travel industry in China. Chinese tourists generally share information and experiences on social media, weibo, wechat, as well as in forums. We help you to communicate in the right way on these platforms.

Social Media Landscape for Chinese tourists and travel industry.

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Our clients in tourism & hospitality


What our clients say about us

We are very satisfied by the Digital solution realized by Gentlemen Agency for our travel agency. We got our first customers after a few months and with excellent results in SEO on Baidu. We are still working with them to improve our results and our visibility

Digital Marketing Campaign – AIGUEMARINE

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Our Team of Tourism Experts

Olivier VEROT

Founder of the Agency, Olivier has already become an expert of Marketing in Tourism Industry



Founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency, Philip is a specialist of Tourism in China.




Social media Specialist in travel.




Press Relationship in Chinese travel Media



Community Manager specialised in Chinese Social media for tourism



Photographer – Video Production Manager



Gary is a SEO specialist, 2 years experience in eTourism field



Project strategist for the tourism industry

Thanks to his years of expertise in this industry , Luis is very familiar with the most



Community manager and content writer

Elise knows how to deliver the right content at the right time. She also writes



Project manager

Thomas knows how to plan and design efficient strategies for our clients before delivering


Mister Dao

Elliot is a specialist of Storytelling and KOL relationship in Travel.



Joe is community Manager for Travelling agencies and Resorts.