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Tourism is a lucrative business and capable of generating tremendous leads in the great China. This is because of the appetite of the Chinese to accommodate the pouring tourists from the west and other Asian neighbours like Indonesia. The Chinese have high expectation in tourism by selecting their online travel Agency to get tourists attention and generate leads.

Attractive, Rich and Meticulous Contents

Chinese content writers are the most prepared going by their search engine activities. They are careful in their selection of what response is expected in their online transaction so as to generate leads. They look for contents that are precise, with checked information that has no spelling errors. They look for those who will provide a great user experience on their websites. They are thrilled with websites with mobile size because of their level of phone usage. Great websites well designed, spacious, color combination and good quality graphics. With easy navigation, ergonomic, intuitive, a simple menu, and well organized homepage. Special tools to introduce your tourists.

Availability on Chinese Search Engines

Having content close to perfection is a step forward to generate leads in China. The most crucial aspect is the impact you create on Chinese search engines, especially Baidu. Until a brand is consistently seen on Baidu being the main search engine, you cannot generate enough lead in China. You can be seen naturally or you will pay to be seen on Baidu. Search engine optimization [SEO] is the natural technical solutions to put your website in good and updated content. While SEO is good for websites, Pay-per-click [PPC] is far better because it makes your content to appear on top of the search engine unlike the other one at the bottom. Appearing on top pages of search engines is the most thrilling sites the Chinese want to see.

Videos are Mandatory

The quickest way of generating leads in the tourism industry in China is to publish videos and arrange them directly into your landing page. Tourism website with videos will naturally attract potential Chinese clients. The choice of videos will determine the leads you will get from the Chinese. Web sites with quality videos, amazing landscapes and great fascinating views can generate a lead in Chinese internet.

Entice your Chinese Tourists through WeChat

The most interactive Chinese social platform is WeChat which is very popular among the internet users, being the favorite. Use it privately and professionally to build your Chinese clients through this social media. Get WeChat account to attract many Chinese followers, and add interesting information about products, services, countries you offer and ways of doing certain things. Publish newsletters, blog posts and other captivating articles capable of keeping the attention of your client for the brand which eventually amounts to lead. You can use Weibo, QQ or Youku as platforms of attraction.

Push your lead to contact you

To generate effective leads in the tourism industry, there should be constant interaction with your lead to engaging them. To transform your lead, put a “contact us” icon on your website to connect your lead. Other icons can be used for different purposes, keeping your lead contacted always will to ensure easy lead generating among the Chinese tourists. You must create enough attention to cherish them through constant emails.


Develop positive comments and impact about your website and the word of mouth campaign. Good press relation from online portals can be used to improve e-reputations. Social media marketing through the word-of-mouth can improve image and visibility in China.

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