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Brands that are into promotion, sales, and general business development in the hotel industry have a huge potential market in the China to tap from. The Chinese rely very much on searching for products and services from the internet because of effective search engine operations. Brands should focus on branding to ensure that the Chinese can access from the comfort of their homes the hotel of their choice online. So many factors are responsible for promoting hotel industry in China from a good image, visibility, e-reputation, press relations to community management via the social platforms.

Website and Search Engine Optimization

The primary thing a brand can do to attract the Chinese in Hotel industry is to have a website with the content written in creative Chinese language. The content should be high in quality, with perfectly featured pictures, videos and relevant keywords that can rank high in SEO. Your website should be mobile responsive because the Chinese are always browsing for products. Hotel Websites that are wee displayed on a mobile screen are viewed positively on mobiles and booked directly from mobile phones. Baidu, in particular, gives Chinese websites priority, by making image and visibility among the internet users much attractive. This is the main search engine that can make a hotel in China to be viewed easily and booked. Therefore a hotel in China can rank high by complying with Baidu specific requirements and have results from the first page. Any hotel brand marketing the Chinese should have the following Schedule regularly.

Analyze brand performance, customer and market

Identify keywords to use

Create quality content

Analyze daily result and report

Link effective building strategy

Optimize website and pages regularly

Analyze competitors and improve visibility

Allow Chinese customers contact site for booking

Most hotels across China have responsive websites with multilingual features in addition to local Chinese translation. This has attractive tendency from Chinese internet users to view brands directly with smartphones.

Online Booking Platforms

Most Chinese internet users have been booking their hotel through websites of online travel agencies. The main websites used in booking luxury hotels are Ctrip, Qunar, eLong, LY and the official hotel websites if provided. A brand without a mobile responsive website in China is not in business! A mobile responsive website like Ctrip is the leading OTA booking brand in China. Online booking websites are also places of great review for information as a guest will tap into it for brand enquiries.

Based on the performing level of online booking platforms, social media platform have played significant roles of publicity to improve hotel images. Social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, QQ, RenRen and Qzone are the hotel marketing promoters in China.

Online PR in China

Digital communication in China has become stronger with press relation portal especially the word-of-mouth campaign. It makes a hotel in China to be visible in a positive way. This tool can be used as guest posts on a website or blog, as a review of an article, or a hotel name can be published in their articles. Magazines which specialize in luxury hotel information like Sina Travel, CNGold or DuGoogle can be used to give great news about their activities.


A hotel has no choice but to get among good qualities of the image, visibility and more importantly good, positive online reputation. The Chinese have a culture of sharing their hotel experience of reputation with friends, fans and family members. When Chinese luxury visitors are looking for a hotel on Baidu, they give attention to websites with positive comments. Offer complementary services on-site to positively impact on Chinese customers’ online reviews.

Our Services can provide Hotel brands with:

Image promoting tools and visibility

Place brands on pages of Baidu

Connect brands to key opinion leaders

Provide brands with effective online hotel booking platforms

Provide content that can give users great experience

Promote brands on social platform like Weibo



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