Skiing is trendy in Chinese outbound tourism in 2023

Chinese tourists are looking for new vacation destinations like Ski resort. China counts 1.2 millions Skiers , and they prefer to travel oversea to Ski, like Japan, or Canada.

Top Ski resort are used to shared information to Chinese tourist in 2023 after Beijing Olympic game.

China has 700 ski resorts , but most of Chinese prefer to travel overseas where the service is better, the weather less harsh (and the prices are lower)

Eileen Gu, the Chinese U.S.-born and champion skier who represented China in this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing become so Popular.

Ski tourism is the new trend for Chinese travelers.

The amount of Chinese tourists is increasing in unprecedented numbers. Last year, around 97 million Chinese tourists crossed the border of the Asian giant and is expected a growth up to 100 milion of tourists. China has become the country which provides more tourists into the worldwide.

On social media, it is “cool” to post this kind of picture 

In addition, Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders in the globe with an average of $1000 per day, and as a result of this data there is a strong fight between travel destinations across the world to attract Chinese travelers.

Skiing is Sexy on Social Media

Due their cultural convictions as “show face” and the money importance, they plan their trips around the luxury world and that is the reason why they choose destinations such Paris, Milan, London or EE.UU.

Nevertheless, there is a new kind of luxury destination that is new for Chinese tourists: the ski resort.


Ski destinations have to increase their efforts to attract Chinese travelers and one way to stimulate them is make a mental connection between luxury and ski tourism.

That is the reason why has been celebrated in Beijing an event called Ski&Style counting on the presence of resort representatives from Iceland, Switzerland, Canada, France and Japan in order to present its destinations while the audience could drink Champagne and view a runway show focused in the ski style.


The purpose of the event was show that ski destinations are not exclusive for athletes and therefore is not necessary have experience in this sport. The event wanted to demonstrate that ski resorts are also vacation destinations and it’s possible to enjoy the winter lifestyle.

Fashion played its part at an olympic-level runway show

Fashion played an important role during the event at the hands of Bogner, a German ski wear brand which design the uniforms for the German Olympic ski team and since now also to the Chinese Olympic team. The runway show included a trendy outerwear collection and two member of the Chinese Olympic team acting as models.


As reported by the China Ski Association’s, in 2010 China counted with 5 million skiers and this year is expect to reach up to 20 million skiers.

China outbound skiing tourism is booming

During the last years, the winter tourism has experimented significant growth. However, the truth of the matter is that the ski tourism just started in China.

Estimation : 600 000 Chinese people will travel oversea for Skiing for 2023

To the contrary, this kind of tourism is very developed in Hong Kong and experts believe that China will reach the same point in the next five years.


There are several countries, where the tourism revenue are focused around the ski resorts and therefore, attracting new tourists is essential. For instance, in Switzerland the number of Chinese tourists is increasing but they are conscious that in China the skiing is still at its start.

What Ski resorts have to do.

In order to attract this audience, ski resorts have to offer classes and Mandarin-speaking ski instructors. The destinations have to be able to provide them other activities such as skating, sledding, snowshoe hiking and horse carriage riding, besides spas and restaurants.


The future potential of western ski resorts is dependent on the growing popularity of the skiing in China, therefore Asian ski resorts are not considered as competition. As a result, western resorts are creating partnership with Chinese resorts to promote themselves.

Communication and marketing are fundamental in order to promote tourist destinations, especially in China, where people based the majority of their spending decisions in the information that they find through internet.

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