The majority of Chinese tourists will travel around Asia in 2023

Each year, more than 100 million Chinese tourists are traveling abroad looking for new experiences. However, Asian countries remain the most popular destinations among Chinese travellers.

Before the Pandemic, the number of Chinese outbound travellers has rapidly increased becoming the largest source of tourists. Today in 2023 the world is expecting their return.
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However, the behaviour of these tourists has also changed. The majority of them no longer travel in big groups, they have the desire to explore the world and visit new countries.

Chinese tourists have chosen Japan, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Maldives, China, Italy and France as their 10 most desired travel destinations for 2023. As we see, more than half of their 10 top destinations for their holidays are Asian-Pacific countries.


Japan is the most preferred chosen destination for Chinese travellers in 2023, as reported by Travelzoo Asia Pacific and WIMI, a consulting firm.

According to the survey which interviewed 4500 Chinese tourists, Japan took the first place with nearly 40% of votes from those surveyed while the U.S.A. received 31% of them and New Zealand had 27% of votes.

The reasons why Chinese tourists chose Japan as their destination were the yen drop and also improvements in visa rules for Chinese visitors such as multiple-entry visas to attract more visitors. Japan expects to welcome about 30 million by 2030.


Thanks to their strong marketing strategies, New Zealand and Australia both are situated in third and fourth place respectively on the Chinese tourist list of their top 10 destinations in 2015.

Over the last few years, China has developed an extensive and strong tourism infrastructure in the country. The Asian giant has created many tourist venues and entrainments such as resorts, theme parks and duty-free shopping. This strategy has boosted the number of Chinese travellers that have decided to explore their own country and enjoy the experiences that China can offer them.


Chinese tourists prefer Asian countries as their vacation destinations due to the close proximity to china and the ease to get a tourist visa.

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How do Chinese tourists book their travel?

Increasingly, Chinese tourists decide to book their travels via mobile devices. As reported by the survey, about 78% of Chinese interviewees have made a travel-related purchase via a mobile device over the last year.

 tourism China

How do Chinese tourists use social media platforms during their trips?

According to the survey, 97% of Chinese tourists stay connected with friends and family during their travels.

chinese mobile

They use mobile devices and tablets to find information about the country where they are travelling such as restaurants, stores, and places to visit… and also to share information about their trip and comments related to the hotel they chose, and the bars that they visited…

Why marketing digital strategies are very important to attract Chinese tourists?

Firstly, Chinese consumers are the most connected users in the world. Internet and social media platforms are totally integrated in the Chinese’s daily life. Before making any decision related to their trips, they seek information about countries that they could visit, hotels, activities, restaurants and points of interest…


They give more importance to information that was shared by other travellers than to information provided by official websites. Chinese tourists are very influenced by comments and opinions that they found on social media platforms.

It is vital for countries, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels and companies which are looking to attract Chinese tourists, to develop a digital marketing strategy in China. Through a strong marketing campaign, they are able to reach a huge number of Chinese consumers and attract them to their destination.

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