How to sell travel accessories in China?

Every travel situation requires a different set of tools and knickknacks, whether you’re taking a road trip, red-eye, or backpacking from hostel to hostel. According to a research made among different kinds of Chinese travelers who haven’t settled for the sedentary lifestyle — from professional travel writers and expedition leaders to hard-core nomads, there are special travel accessories that have made their journeys that much easier. They described in-flight necessities that make that cramped plane seat a little more bearable, functional gadgets that are small miracles in off-the-grid regions, and even a de-constructible suitcase that has earned many admirers abroad.

Anti-Theft RFID Wallet
Pacsafe makes all kinds of products geared toward travel experts looking to stay one step ahead of thieves, which are RFID-protected (meaning they keep people from swiping your credit-card information). Chinese travelers like the Pacsafe wallets because of their retro design, and the ability to chain the wallet to their belt or belt loop. This is essential not only when you are in a big group of people ,like a train station  or tourist area full of people , but also when you have had too much to drink and might leave your valuables unattended and lost

Multiple Port USB Wall Charger

When they travel, Chinese have always tons of gadgets and devices from the Kindle Paperwhite, the GoPro Hero, the digital photo Camera, the MacBook Air, multiple USB power banks. As in their own country, Chinese surf a lot even when they are staying in guest houses or in a five stars hotel — around the world, plugs are few and far between. At the same time, they won’t have time to sit and charge all of their things for twelve plus hours. This is where this wall charger comes in handy: All you need is one outlet that you can reach with the extended cord, and in a moment, plug six devices in all at once.

Wireless Headphones

Chinese never really invested in quality headphones until some years ago when they found out Beats by Dre’s headphones have advanced noise-canceling technology that can drown out everything. Most of the traveler of the survey have always found nearly impossible to sleep with the constant buzz of the plane’s engine, so these headphones are game changers. They’re wireless, so they can connect them to my iPhone via Bluetooth or use the removable cord to plug them in when I want to watch a movie.

4G Mobile Hotspot

Chinese pass most of their time on mobile, they want to be connected everytime and everywhere, that’s why they choose as one of the best travel accessories a Mobile hotspot gadgets. You can travel anywhere and have access to the Internet with a mobile WiFi hotspot. The GlocalMe U2 4G Mobile Hotspot is a best seller on Alibaba with 288 customer reviews and 4.5 stars. It uses  SIM technology and users have coverage in more than 100 countries and regions. Users can connect up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices at a time using 4G LTE high-speed Internet. This device has an app where users can buy and manage data, and it also features two SIM card slots.

How to sell your travel accessories in China 

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Chinese consumers use their social platforms, e-commerce, s-commerce, m-commerce channel partner and brand websites to find, research, compare price and buy your products. This means your China digital marketing strategy may be more complex than for other markets

Your own e-commerce site

You can sell goods from your own site, allowing you to retain control over the point of sale. Your site must be locally relevant and supported by local social campaigns to drive traffic to it. You must comply with all regulations and laws regarding the importation of products into China. If your site is not hosted in China with a .cn domain name you may be impacted by slow access speeds.

Cross-border e-commerce

If you don’t have a local Chinese business entity, CBEC may be right for you. Several large Chinese e-commerce platforms have ‘global’ sites, such as TMall Global and JD Worldwide, which allow foreign brands to sell directly to Chinese customers. These sites are usually invitation-only and have high running costs, but great interfaces which are simple to use.

A local e-commerce platform.

If you have a registered Chinese business entity or have the right local partner to register the store and secure local solutions for customer service, delivery, and returns, you could sell on a local e-commerce platform such as Taobao, Tmall or JD.com. These platforms give access to many millions of end users and have typically lower set up costs than global e-commerce platforms. They do, however, require goods to be brought in-market, making a warehousing and fulfillment option necessary.

WeChat  and the Social media power

Have a social media presence but tailor it to the Chinese market. Facebook and Twitter are blocked by the Chinese government, although LinkedIn is not. To succeed in building a social media image, you need to work with China-specific sites like WeChat, for messaging, social media and mobile payments, and Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter.

WeChat is an essential app in China. WeChat Official Accounts are powerful means to gather followers and redirect them to a website or e-commerce platform. It helps brands to build thought leadership and engage with both potential and current customers.

For a Western company that wants to start selling on WeChat, the first step is to open an official account in which to embed your store and for which you do not necessarily have to possess a Chinese business license. Thanks to official accounts, companies, and brands interact directly with their followers with direct messages and news” explains Fausto Caprini, CEO of Digital Network, a trusted WeChat partner in Europe. In addition, on WeChat users add business accounts just like adding a friend, starting to send messages and dialogue in an easy and immediate way.

Key opinion leader for a better marketing

Influencer marketing is a key pillar of many brands’ marketing strategies because it gives marketers an opportunity to introduce a powerful human element to their messaging. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers say that they’re more likely to trust personal recommendations over ads, making that human element a vital component of a successful campaign. In a digital landscape that’s crowded with advertisements, brands that devise innovative ways to use key opinion leaders will find themselves able to stand out in the eyes of consumers.

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