5 Facts about Chinese tourists every CEO should know

Throughout the main touristic forums in China, we can draw up the portrait of Chinese travellers. According to their behaviours, we can therefore understand and identify Chinese tourists’ particularities.

1. Chinese seniors prefer travelling in groups

They favour travel surrounded by members of their family or travelling companions.
Indeed, family relations have a really important place in Chinese culture, especially when it comes to relatives such as parents. Hence, it is logical that their main interest is to travel with their family in 2023.

On the other hand, it is difficult for them to travel alone in countries where languages and cultures are different to what they know. They use blogs and forums to exchange, and meet potential travelling companions.

2. Chinese millennials like organized Trip 

They like getting organized before going on a journey and having all the necessary information before exchanging on forums. They usually inquire for advice about different activities, excursions or even amusement parks in countries where they expect to go to. They base themselves on recommendations and notices of their congeners. The Chinese tourist takes with them all the necessary equipment, according to the destinations and activities that interest them.

How to attract Chinese millennial tourists?
????Expert Tips:
1. Make a website in Chinese
2. Register an official account on WeChat, Red, and Weibo
3.  If you are Hotel or Resort, register on CTrip or Qunar
4. Boost your Chinese social accounts with a good content and ads

5. Cooperate with Chinese KOL

3. Chinese prefer active leisure time

During their trips, outdoor activities prevail. Chinese sightseers generally look for information related to activities such as biking, riding or climbing, to plan them. They also share an interest in winter sports. More and more Chinese are interested in skiing. As a consequence, it led to the development of new ski resorts (sometimes artificial) all over China.

4. Chinese like sharing their adventures online 

Chinese are very active on social networks. They are very enthusiastic at the idea of sharing their photos and videos of their foreign journeys on social media. They also regularly post articles on forums to share their experiences and notices.

Best Social Media to attract Chinese tourists in 2023

5. Chinese are flexible 

The car, which is a success symbol in China, is the first transport chosen to travel. It shows that they are belonging to a higher social class. Many of those who travel – or intend to – do it by car.
Thus they look for advice to simplify organization: what destination? Which roads should they use or avoid?

New Trends!

Less popular, but more and more appreciated in 2023 are individual or personalized trips. On the one hand, the Chinese still avoid large crowds of people due to COVID safety, on another, they are starting to value more personal experience.

We can also perceive the awakening of Chinese tourism around the world for the next two years. More and more Chinese are craving to discover new ancient cultures by travelling on historical tours.

To review, China could become before 2017, the first broadcasting market of tourism, ahead of the United States of America. The fact that they share information and photos of their journeys on Chinese social media incites other citizens to discover new cultures and territories, inside or outside the country.

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