Thailand welcomes Chinese tourists in 2023

Thailand has always drawn large numbers of Chinese visitors to its stunning beaches, malls, and temples. It abruptly ended when China closed its borders during the Covid surge.

In 2023 Thailand once again warmly welcomed Chinese tourists. This time it wants to make aware of the world and China that is open for the business with Chinese. At the international airport in Bangkok last week, three government representatives personally greeted the first group of Chinese tourists to arrive since China’s loosening of travel restrictions.

The enthusiastic Chinese travellers have figured that Thailand is the next best place for them to hang out, thus giving way to an increasing trend in the percentage of Chinese visitors to Bangkok.

Thailand was and surely will become a top destination for Chinese tourists

With over 11 million visitors — more than a quarter of the nation’s international arrivals — Thailand was the most popular international travel destination for Chinese tourists in 2019. Just two other special administrative areas of China, Hong Kong and Macao, saw more Chinese tourists.

This booming tourism in China has paved way for roughly equating the GDP of China to that of a completely developed country such as Singapore. According to surveys and studies, around 174 million Chinese are known to have toured around, spending approximately US$264 billion annually. While the Eiffel tower, Mount Fuji and the Egyptian pyramids are three of the best places that the Chinese determine to visit, Bangkok happens to be their next favourite tourist destination to them. Hotels.com, after carrying out a survey reveals that Thailand is the ninth most visited tourist destination in the world.

In the photo is a famous Chinese actress in a fashion shoot in Thailand.

Thanks to Chinese tourists, Thailand Tourism Buroe has increased its original forecast of 20 million foreign visitors to 25 million in 2023. It will likely take two to three years until arrivals will reach or surpass pre-pandemic levels, perhaps reaching 40 million by 2025.

3 Keys to understand the Chinese Travelers

Chinese tourist’s dilemma: Thailand or South Korea?

The Chinese travellers also find that Thailand is the second country that welcomes a red carpet while South Korea happens to be the one that gives them the warmest welcome ever. Most Chinese tourists have started using electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers to plan their trips, book their travel tickets, and have thus been regarded to evolve quite a lot with respect to utilizing the technology.

So, What are the right channels to get the attention of Chinese tourists?
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1. Chinese social media – WeChat, Weibo, Red, Douyin
2. Chinese OTA’s – CTrip, Qunar, Quyer, Fliggy
3. Chinese search engines – Baidu, So
4. Chinese Travelling Influencers (KOLs)
5. Chinese travel blogs and forums

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