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3 Keys to understand the Chinese Travelers

Unlike individualistic westerners, the Chinese are hugely influenced by the members of their society. As a result, their actions and behavior to a large extent are influenced by the people from their social group, family, business partners, peers, etc. Chinese travel not only for relaxation and fun but also to increase their social status. Traveling abroad for fun increases their personal pride and prestige among their peers back home. In addition, it helps them learn about foreign people, places, and cultures. Also, it gives them a sense of satisfaction that they have spent a good amount of money on a foreign trip.

Travel was predominantly a luxury that was affordable only to a wealthy few.  With the changing times, rapid economic development, and liberal thinking more and more Chinese belonging to all ages, genders, and financial statuses are able to afford a vacation abroad.

According to a UN report, the Chinese rank number 1 in the world for their spending on international tourism. According to a survey conducted on Chinese tourists and international hotels, sightseeing is the preferred activity for Chinese tourists, with an inclination to stay at 3-4 star hotels. Also, it is found that Chinese travelers to New Zealand are the highest spenders there.

It is estimated that in 2019 about 160 million Chinese went abroad, which is an increase of about Compared, this number stood at 10 million in the year 2000. Rapid economic growth, resulting in increased disposable incomes, urbanization, and finally relaxation of austerity norms by the government allowing more and more Chinese to enjoy their holidays abroad.

Chinese Tourists hail quality not quantity

There is a growing trend toward the requirement for quality trips. Earlier, Chinese usually traveled in large groups in buses to cover most of the places for sightseeing. Now they are looking towards more memorable and personal experiences in a foreign country. There is also a new type of Chinese tourist who prefers to travel independently, not in large groups like the older generation. 

According to a study published in late August by Hotels.com, 60% of Chinese tourists are now traveling alone. 

The new Chinese tourists are independent

The Chinese economy has been growing at a very rapid pace for the last decade. This has created many billionaires in the country. With so much money flowing and splurging on their overseas travels, they have earned the nickname of “walking wallets”.  Businesses across the globe are eager to cash in Chinese luxury spenders. So many hotels and travel agencies are happy to accommodate the needs of their guests by providing them with special meetings on arrival, dedicated catering, and in-room services and adapting Chinese payment methods like Alipay and Union Pay. 

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