How to partner with Chinese tour Companies

Chinese tourists will travel back to the world, and it will be a huge number of tourists that will spend their money in 100 destinations. How to partner with Chinese tour companies?

Read this article if you want to work with Chinese Tour Companies

Hotels and travel companies in Khanh Hoa, Quang Ninh, and other provinces that rely heavily on Chinese tourists are concerned about their potential bankruptcy.
China’s Covid Stance has Created a $280 billion Black Hole in Global Tourism
Travel hotspots that were closed by the country’s borders are now reopening, but without their largest source of tourists.

South East Asia : fast recovery

Although Vietnam opened international tourism in March, Chinese tourists are still not allowed to visit because China continues its zero-Covid policy of lockdown measures and strict entry restrictions.

Chinese tourists love Ha Long Bay, a northern province in Quang Ninh. It borders China.

Chinese travel agencies are So different !

Many Chinese don’t speak English. They prefer to communicate in their native language, even if they can speak English.

They prefer to communicate via WeChat, as they don’t use email.

Google is blocked in China so users search Baidu

China blocks Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They use WeChat (Weibo), LittleRedBook… (just a few examples)

TripAdvisor,, Agoda etc. Although they are permitted in China, most of them aren’t as popular as their Chinese counterparts. TripAdvisor, for instance, isn’t as popular as Mafengwo and Qyer., Alitrip and Agoda also are not as popular as Ctrip and Qunar.

Everything is different in China. You must adapt to Chinese rules if you wish to do business in China.


Make yourself visible and increase your E-reputation… Nobody want to partner with a scammer in China.

If you have no information about you online, you are probably a scammer.

China is a country where branding is everything. China has a long history full of scams and frauds, as well as loose regulations and laws. This is why Chinese people tend to trust and prioritize branded products and business partners.

This is why it is so important to do business with Guanxi in this country. You have probably heard of this amazing. Chinese prefer to work with their friends and acquaintances, rather than completely strangers.

This “guanxi”, especially in digital age, is more or less translated into online reputation. This means that Chinese people will check out products and partners before they decide to buy them or collaborate with them.

Chinese people may consider you to be a small and unreliable company if they can’t locate you on their digital platforms. They would not be willing to cooperate with your company.

Chinese partners will doubt your ability if you have negative feedback on the Internet or have too few reviews and mentions.

Later in this article, we will discuss the most important platforms that you can use to build your online reputation.

To approach Chinese partners, you must use the GOOD marketing techniques

Non-China-compliant website: Not in Chinese, not hosted in China. Mobile responsive. Does not integrate Chinese social media.

You are not using the right communication channels. Instead of sending your Chinese potential partners many emails like spammers, their primary means of communication is Wechat.
While you can send out paper or PDF brochures to introduce your company and products, Chinese businessmen prefer Ebrochure. This is a HTML5 Page professionally designed and featuring interactive elements that they can easily forward to their network across multiple Chinese platforms.

You don’t have bring support to the local companies to sell…

Do not rely solely on the information you find on Google. Be confident that you can tackle China on your own. China’s media landscape and tourism are so unique, that even global brands have chosen to collaborate with local agencies to navigate this market.

Agents can help you, as a tourist service provider, in finding, contacting, and setting up partnerships for Chinese tour operators and agencies. They also provide marketing support on China media.

Attractive offers

Chinese tourists have changed over the past 20-years. Chinese tourists prefer to travel on their own and with less support than tour groups. Aside from the fact that many Chinese travelers spend a significant amount of money on shopping, more people want to see local food, culture, and events.

To serve these Free-Independent Tourists, we are creating tailored tours and packages that only cover flights and accommodation. (Trip activities will be created by customers).

It would be difficult to find partners if you offer tours but your tours don’t adapt to the changing tastes and styles of Chinese consumers.

China & Vietnam

Chinese tourists made up 60 percent of the customers of Vietnam, and they visited the bay from August through April.

Even though business is slow, Nam still needs to pay more VND70 millions a month in employee salaries and maintenance.

Nam stated that although domestic tourism is recovering, tourists still only visit Ha Long on weekends, while his boats are idle during the week.

Ctrip a top Chinese tour operator with around 300 million registered client, Ctrip has accumulated a high volume of data and insights.

Ctrip set up its own travel tour i 2013 to serve destination organizations.

Ctrip APP is an attractions in China for people that search for overseas information.

Chinese Travelers used to be a Golden Mine

Director of Tourism Company said that he currently has 11 boats, but only four have resumed their sailing. The return of Chinese tourists, who make up 90 percent of his passengers.

Each boat was capable of serving two different groups of Chinese tourists each day before the pandemic.

He stated, “I just sold my 2-star hotel to save my fleet. If Chinese tourists don’t return soon, I could go bankrupt.”

Many Chinese tourists are marking a quiet May Day holiday this year in Greece as the government’s “zero-COVID” approach restricts travel and enforces lockdowns in multiple cities like Shanghai, Beijing; etc.

A travel agency that partner with Chinese tour operator in 2019 was familiar with Chinese tourists flooding the streets of downtown streets in vietnam before the pandemic is clearly gone. this agency hosted 3.5 million tourists from abroad in 2019, with 70% of these visitors being Chinese.

The two largest tour operators specializing in Chinese tourists visiting the site are Vietnamtourist and Khang Thai. Many restaurants and entertainment venues that depend on Chinese visitors have been temporarily closed.

Chinese tour companies claiming zero dollars are cleared of fraud

General director of Hai Dang Group’s four-star Galina Hotel & Spa, Le Xuan Thom, stated that he was concerned about the possibility of having to close the hotel in the near future if Chinese tourists do not return.

Thom stated that 70 percent of his guests were Chinese tourists. He said that Chinese tend to travel in large groups and remain for long periods of time.

His hotel had a 25 percent occupancy rate.

After a two year hiatus, Vietnam opened inbound tourism to the public mid-March. The entry requirements were relaxed for Vietnam’s previous visitors.

Doan Van Viet, deputy tourism minister, stated that Vietnam’s number of foreign tourists has remained low due to the strict entry restrictions in major feeder markets like China or Japan.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, March saw 15,000 foreign visitors visit Vietnam. This is 10 times more than the previous month.

With 5.8 million arrivals in 2019, China was Vietnam’s largest feeder market

The U.S. travel industry is anxiously awaiting the return of Chinese tourists. It will depend on Beijing’s decision to relax travel restrictions. source

Since the White House’s announcement last month that the United States would reopen to international fully-vaccinated travelers, U.S. tour companies have been working tirelessly to make every preparation possible to welcome them overseas.

New policy for travel in the USA

After the Biden administration announced November 8 the date for reopening, those preparations were in full swing.

While many travel agencies have seen a rise in bookings over the past few weeks, U.S. travel operators — a segment of the industry that has been hard hit by 18 months worth of travel restrictions because of their heavy reliance upon overseas guests — are facing another problem. They won’t be welcoming large numbers of Chinese tourists from the country’s most lucrative market. Many potential Chinese tourists must overcome many hurdles before they can come to the U.S.

A Chinese official in charge of health urged Sunday’s travel restrictions to be tightened for domestic travel. Many new Covid cases were linked to tour groups.

“Currently, the Chinese government is banning all travel agents to promote or arrange any outbound trips for groups and (fully-independent travelers),” stated Gloria Lan, CEO of TourAmerica, and a board member at the International Inbound Travel Association.

This is in addition to Beijing’s decision not to issue or renew passports for non-urgent travel, such as leisure travel. Lan acknowledges that it is difficult to predict when the restrictions on Chinese citizens travelling internationally will be lifted.

There’s a silver lining to China’s ongoing travel restrictions: the domestic market is seeing an increase in travelers who want to experience new destinations. source : /

China’s tourism industry

China’s tourism industry continues to experience an uneven recovery. While the domestic market has seen some improvement and is now growing as it did before COVID, China’s outbound travel has not shown any significant recovery. It is crucial that travel agencies invest in domestic markets as outbound travel will remain limited for the next 12-18 months. source

Chinese tourists are seeking to explore local destinations and discover new travel options, especially as they “re-shore” their overseas travel needs. Trends show that outdoor experiences are in high demand, as well as luxury tours that can be integrated with traditional packages. Companies that adapt their products and market them to meet domestic demand are ahead of the rest.

Domestic travel is making a strong recovery

China’s domestic travel industry has experienced a remarkable recovery after the pandemic. It is expected to rebound and surpass 2019 peak levels. While travel companies are still adapting their offerings and capacity to meet pent-up demand for the sector, the outlook is clear. Demand has exceeded pre-COVID-19 levels following the May national holiday. Major online travel agencies report that domestic travel has seen a lot of momentum in April and May. They also describe a complete recovery in long-distance travel in all provinces.

One million tourists will be directed to Sri Lanka by top China tour operator

Domestic travel is seeing a rebound with increases in rail and air travel and hotel bookings. Domestic passenger numbers for air travel have increased by 8 percent compared with 2019, and the capacity of domestic seats is consistently 15% higher than 2019. This is because airlines have redeployed their international fleets to serve the domestic market. The growth in rail travel is also evident with passenger numbers hovering around 95 percent of the pre-COVID-19 levels. Rail prices remain constant while air travel prices have fallen due to deeper discounts. This may explain why rail travel is recovering slightly slower than air travel. The May holiday season saw hotel bookings rise 6 percent in comparison to 2019. source

Caissa a Chinese Top Travel Agency

Caissa Travel Group is one of China’s top five travel companies. It has promised Palitha Kohona, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador, that it will send one million Chinese tourists to the country once travel restrictions are lifted.

According to a statement by the foreign ministry, Ambassador Kohona met with several Chinese tour operators and environmental organizations at the Innovation and Development of Cities Summit.

Sri Lanka has lifted COVID-19 tourist restrictions.

Ambassador encouraged tour operators to send one-million tourists to Sri Lanka. Caissa Group agreed.

China & Sri Lanka

He promoted the country’s many tourist attractions, but also informed the Chinese counterparts about Sri Lanka’s decision not to import chemical fertilizers or certain types of plastic, and to use 70 percent renewable energy by 2030.

The tourism sector in Sri Lanka, which was hit by the pandemic, is optimistic of a strong recovery and a 500 million US Dollar revenue for the fiscal year ending March 2022. This will include at least 50,000 monthly arrivals.

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  3. My expert tips Dead Chinese Tourist agency

    Speak in broken Chinese: You don’t need to hire a professional translator or learn proper Chinese business etiquette. Just throw in a few random Chinese words and hope for the best. (LOL)

    Assume all Chinese tourists are the same: All Chinese tourists are exactly alike, right? So don’t bother tailoring your services to different types of Chinese tourists or their preferences.

    Offer outrageous discounts: Because who needs profits when you can give away your services for pennies? And don’t worry, the Chinese tour companies won’t think you’re desperate or desperate at all.

    Make unrealistic promises: Promise the world and more to your Chinese tour company partners, and then underdeliver. They’ll be sure to appreciate your honesty and integrity.

    Ignore cultural differences: Don’t bother learning about cultural differences between your country and China, or respecting Chinese cultural norms. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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