“Chinese tourists are the future of Greece’s travel industry” said experts

Meeting: Chinese vacationers hold the key to Greece’s travel industry future: Greek clergyman

Chinese tourists hold a crucial opportunity in the push to keep Greece’s travel industry developing, later on, Greek Tourism serve Harry Theoharis told Xinhua in an ongoing meeting in Athens. China is a vital accomplice for Greece in numerous territories. Yet, the travel industry is the thing that Athens thinks about a robust market, the Greek authority stated, clarifying that it is significant for Greece to pull in increasingly Chinese guests.

“The quick objective that we have set in the following two years is to build the number of Chinese vacationers to more than 500,000, which is a driven, yet sensible objective,” Theoharis said. Around 150,000 to 200,000 Chinese vacationers visited Greece a year ago, denoting a
development of more than 20 percent from the prior year, as indicated by the Beijing Office of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

“Chinese tourists are the future of Greece’s travel industry” said experts

The travel industry represents 20.6 percent of the Greek GDP and a fourth of work in 2018, as indicated by the World Travel and Tourism Council. “Greece has been honored with a lot of points of interest the extent that the travel industry is concerned, social preferences cological focal points, and individuals that are normally disposed to invite outsiders and guests,” Theoharis noted. 


Tourism industry in Greece

To keep being fruitful and keep up its situation worldwide, the travel industry Greece is taking a gander at the patterns, concentrating on the younger ages that are turning into the prosperous vacationers today, he clarified. Subsequently, Greece puts resources into supportability,
validness, and top-notch administration.

In anticipating the future, Chinese guests have a different spot, and Greece means to make its travel industry foundation, from air terminals to lodgings, Chinese well disposed of, Theoharis told Xinhua.

“We are at present in discourses with both the two major air terminals administrators, the administrator of Athens International Airport and the Fraport which works 14 local air terminals that acknowledge a ton of vacationers in the late spring, to guarantee that we start and help those activities that are as of now set up to make our air terminals Chinese inviting.

Between 150,000 and 200,000 Chinese tourists visited Greece last year, marking a growth of over 20 percent from the year before, according to the Beijing Office of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

During his recent visit to Shanghai, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said his country aims to bring that number to 500,000 by 2021 source

This is significant for us,” he said.

The Greek authority likewise welcomed Chinese financial specialists to investigate venture openings in the Greek the travel industry division, including the development of new inns, the updating of existing ones, extends in water the board, vitality activities, and waste administration. “We have numerous necessities in numerous spots as I said that prompts a ton of speculation open doors for organizations that have the ability in China in those sorts of activities,” Theoharis said.


Positive effect on growth

Chinese market is very important to Greece: Greek tourism officials source

During a downturn – which gets characterized as a circumstance where the GDP is negative for at least two back to back quarters – the buyers are probably going to encounter an adjustment in utilization propensities. The financial emergency, therefore, may influence the travel industry utilization because of the decrease in discretionary cash flow in two different ways. First is about the change, people or families usually face the choice of whether to travel or not. Regardless of whether they choose to go, they may change the goal used to appreciate or the length of their days off; for instance, rather than a movement away for seven days now, they may choose to travel just for five days. The subsequent impact is a consequence of the travel industry substitution because of salary versatility. The travel industry, by and large, considers a pay flexible help, implying that even a little difference in discretionary cashflow will quickly influence the decision of goal, administrations, and the interest for the travel industry. 

Specifically, a decrease in pay is required to control adversely, particularly lavish the travel
industry goals and decidedly goals and administrations of essential models.
The household versatility is probably going to influence, among others, the connection among
outbound and local the travel industry and additionally implying that the occupants of the given
nation are voyaging just inside the country. A financial emergency is probably going to make
people travel locally rather than universally, as global travel is more salary flexible than
domestic travel.


Real estate in Greece sees also a big boom after Golden visa policy. 

Chinese investors are positive about investing in Greece, and to get european VISA, they develop a large network of agent and resellers for that. see further information about real estate in China here

Chinese Tourism

Then again, Tourism without a doubt significantly affects the GDP and work of the laborers, with high rates, particularly in nations with high vacationer movement. Even though it got adversely influenced during the first long stretches of the emergency, it demonstrated loud to the
crisis. It figured out how to develop by exhibiting favorable rates to date.
The travel industry is a significant territory of the worldwide economy of administrations. That is as indicated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Also, when all the various effects get considered, the travel industry contributes 16.4% to Greek GDP and produces 18.3% of the nation’s entire business.

Shockingly, the significance of the travel industry for the Greek economy has gotten generally acknowledged and comprehended by policymaking in the wake of the ongoing monetary downturn, which has been the most genuine of Greece in the course of the most recent fifty years. Specifically, Greece has encountered eight successive long stretches of downturn somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2016 because of the gravity estimates embraced to address the sovereign obligation emergency with awful ramifications for the prosperity of its residents. 

Ιnbound the travel industry (i.e., outsiders visiting Greece) gets presently seen as another
monetary power that can create new riches and help the nation conquer the emergency.
Moreover, residential the travel industry has chiefly repercussions on riches redeployment inside
the country and has endured a great deal of weight because of the monetary crisis, while
outbound the travel industry negatively affects the present record and constrained effects on all-
out work in Greece.

Chinese travellers love Greece

The travel industry can be the main thrust behind the monetary recuperation in Greece. The travel industry brings a great deal of income and means more employments. Consequently, a few measures have been taken to rebuild, improve, and fortify Greek in the travel industry. These measures include: reinforcing elective types of the travel industry, for example, agrotourism and strictness in the travel industry that urge guests to come throughout the entire year. Additionally, securing and dealing with the earth, making quality foundations, creating cooperative energies with parts of the economy, and boosting aggressiveness through quality the travel industry item.

Also, the travel industry can turn into the device of the Greek government in its push to accomplish social and ecological arrangement objectives.


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  1. Greece’s relationships with China are very good. And its strategy to attract some new tourists is very well done: the facilitated visa entry for real estate investors has worked very well and created a favorable country image for Greece.
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