Macao most disappointing destination for Chinese tourists

Despite the rumors that Macao is less attractive, extra effort from the local government to attract Chinese tourists and thus seeing them spend more time and money


+14% tourists in Macao

In August, the statistics of Macao’s government have highlighted an increase of 14% of tourists traffic, a drop of 1.7% in comparaison with last year. The duration of the stay has also increase from a 0.1 days average to 1.1 days, but what really disturb the local government is that it represents the third of Las Vegas average.

Chinese tourists coming but leaving disappointed by their trip.


The difficult situation that lives China’s economy, the fatal effects of the anti-corruption campaigns, et simply the fact that some tourists prefere to choose other destinations can explain the decrease of the tourists traffic. It’s complicate for Macau despite of all the hard work furnished by local authorities, hotels, luxury shops to attract chinese people who came to do shopping or simply for tourism.

Chinese yuan

Macao will continue to invest in the gambling industry

According to a recent survey of the International Journal of Marketing Studies, an analysis of the effects of cultural differences on the tourists in Macao have shown that Macao will continue to invest in the promotion of activities in relation with gambling. This study reveals that Macao is still a city of big players, coming from China to visit some casinos and play large sums of money.


The rapport of the searchers Xi Li and Jian Ming Luo based on answers to 250 questions asked to toursits in Macao’s airport and in the train station, and who stayed more than 24h.


Casino Tourism experience

So, the chinese tourist prefers to try more than one casino, and rather visit three or more during their travel in Macao.

Obviously, some players are still faithful to one chain of casinos, and Macao targets these people, copying the strategy of Las Vegas casinos with loyalty programs for the players. But, the biggest challenge for the companies and local hotels is to make the average duration of the stay longer.


The problem of Macao professionals

This study’s results go against the work of the professionals of tourism in Macao who worked hard to transform Macao on a city for shopping and culture for chinese people.


It’s important to notice that in Macao, we find more than 120000 players, and 5000 to 20000 important whales who plays a lot of money.


The future Macao

Despite of this pessimist report, Bernstein is still optimist for the future of Macao with the industry of mass-market that represent real important opportunities.

260 millions tourists are attending

The repost reckon that almost 260 million people could come, and that represents annual incomes of more than 15000 dollars.

Bernstein precise that these incomes will only increase year by year for 10%.

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  1. I can understand Chinese tourists to not chose at all gambling tourism.
    I am an tour operator in Iceland and years ago National tourist board spoke similar with ministries in country. I am glad they can´t find any solution in gambling tourism, so Iceland will stay country available as world pearl.

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