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Chinese tourists flock to Egypt for the Pyramids!

Chinese tourists in Egypt

Egypt, the land of pyramids and cultural heritage, seems to have lost the sounds of the ever-jingling bells of its foreign visitors after going through a revolution.

Most of the visitors of the Egyptian magnificent structures were the Americans and the Europeans all these years. Now, the Chinese have managed to take it over with a drastic increase in the number of tourists per annum. The museums such as those in Cairo, used to be filled with tourists from all countries, but these days, they are mostly flanked by the Chinese. Ever since the revolution had occurred, Egypt had seen a fall in the revenues that were generated due to the sites of cultural heritage.

Egypt is also the land of mysteries for Chinese tourists

Most of the non- Chinese visitors are drawn attracted towards the resorts around the Red Sea. It is only The Chinese visitors have recreated the festive atmosphere at the cultural spaces of Egypt by paying visits during their tour across the country.

The Chinese government has indeed played a great role in motivating its tourists towards international travel. The former tourism minister of Egypt Hesham Zaazou, has predicted a double fold increase in the number of Chinese visitors from 109,000 to 200,000. This being the scenario, the Egyptian government has taken the broad step of appointing more number of charter flights flying between  Aswan and Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu and Shengzen.

Language is no barrier in Egypt as individual tourist guides have managed to learn communicating with the Chinese tourists in their language to attract more visitors to their country. Learning Chinese has henceforth become a trending business among Egyptian tourist guides.

Four days in Egypt for Chinese tourists


 The Chinese prefer to look around every nook and corner of Egypt in an average of four days of their stay within the country. Such is their enthusiasm to move around and explore.

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