China’s education market: 700,000 Chinese Study oversea in 2023

Since Chinese borders are open, the education market is hoping to receive Chinese international students. Chinese People use to study oversea and will be back with more desire than before.

Chinese Education Market and Future Expectations

Chinese education market is growing gradually and creating more and more opportunities for students to take interest in Chinese education system to get qualification and to get prominent identity in Chinese industry revolution. According to survey by Technavio, the size of the Chinese online education market is estimated to grow by USD 18.93 billion from 2021 to 2026.

The market is estimated to grow by 15% during the forecast.

New trends 2023

Chinese Education is changing

Chinese education is fast approaching and having great interests for students in almost every field of life.

China’s government has introduced many Chinese educational policies which helping to produce quality results and strong backup force to stable industry according to expected outcomes. Chinese government policies reveal its determination to full support industrialization of the education market.

International universities shift to new markets after China boom and some are winners like Singapore, India, Italy, South Africa and Japan lure Chinese Internatonal students  and skip prestigious UK or US  institutions


Pre-school education system has been getting progress from number of years and having lots of interests for new generation to participate in overall industrial share. Main focus is to encourage private education industry to invest more in private educational system and focusing good market share.

Chinese industry has been doubled from the last year

Due to Chinese policies and great reforms in educational sector, Chinese industry has been doubled from the last year while the total M&A amount increased by 165%. Chinese education market has great opportunities for local and international students, because Chinese government is focusing to create interests of the people to participate industrial education system and giving more and more relaxations to facilitate students from all over the world.

Chinese Parents will invest in their future in their kids education 

Investment is booming in China

IPOs ratio is growing which has been increased upto 76%. It is estimated that in future, per capita inflow will be doubled tripled in future because Chinese government are reforming the existing setups and creating more opportunities for investors to make investments and take handsome share from their attached markets.

The Vision of China’s Education 2020

Private education capital investment has been increased due to great governmental policies to literate Chinese people to meet future circumstances. According to estimations, China’s education market will reach RMB3 trillion by the end 2023

The growing customization of online education services will totally change the industry.

Many people are creating training to boost knowledges of People. Many platforms are integrating technology  to ensure higher student engagement with more collaborative options. Customization also will helps teachers to adjust their classes

China’s education market will reach RMB3 trillion in 2024

These estimates based on compounded annual growth rate of 12.7%. Different types of reforms have been made to achieve the targets and more and more facilities are providing to academic level educational system. Early school education tutoring and vocational training concepts has been upgraded. Corporate and personal training programs have latest course outlines and have latest topics which prepare mental and educational setups. In Education vision of 2020-2023, market size of education is RMB 2.9235 Trillion with different segmentations like:

  1. Degree Education Public program: which includes three types of educational levels: higher (6.10%), middle & primary (7.93%), public with 2.08%.
  2. Degree Education Private Programs: Private higher education 4.15%, private middle & primary school 4.64%, private kindergarten 23.87%
  3. Training Education Programs: Corp training 9.04% Individual training 22.35%, K12 Training 17.43%, Early Education 2.41%
  4. Online Education is of: 10.54% in which Online Childs Education share is 0.03%, Online Degree Training is 5.28%, Online K12 Edu is 2.31%, Online Corp Training is 0.47%, Online Individual Training is 2.44%. Chinese government is now emphasizing to involved maximum Chinese citizens in online education and providing different types of benefits to facilitate them and to provide them latest reforms updates on behalf of quality professionals.

Role of Chinese Education Industry to Establish Businesses and Industries

Chinese education market is greatly attracting to foreign investors to make investments in China’s educational system and doing investments in China. China as a whole country is attractive for foreign investors to make investments in Educational system. China’s education system is now gradually improving day by day and getting progress due to increasing interests of the people and awareness from new education trends. People from all over the world is taking interests and doing more efforts to provide excellent education environment to teach Chinese. Providing foreign education in China as a whole is a highly sensitive sector closely related to ideology.


There are lots of restrictions to educate Chinese because China’s system is based on realities and prefers to Chinese cultures and their traditions in almost every part of life. Chinese education industry is active and advance now after collaborations with foreign investors. The government has put some stringent regulations in place limiting foreign investment. Compulsory educational sector is top in listing which government of China restrict to foreign education methods. The only exclusion to the Sino-Foreign Joint Venture (JV) rules is that overseas entities are allowable to set up foreign wholly-owned international K12 schools for foreign children living in China (more information here) 

Future Challenges of Chinese Nation

Chines markets are giving awesome outputs and generating more and more resources for investors to make investments with Chinese investors anywhere in the world. Due to increasing cooperation’s and great industrial reforms, needs of educated and energetic staff has been increased from number of years and after 2020 its will be twice, or tripled. So Chinese are getting educational awareness from different channels and creating opportunities for foreign investors as well to market ideas on behalf of available resources and literate to Chinese citizens to get good jobs in future. Chinese markets are expanding the demand of China’s products has been raised due to great market collaborations and deals with international markets. The consumption of Chinese products are appreciable so the demand in future is expecting more and more from China.

Chinese and Foreign Cooperative Education

In exports of educational resources may include non-compulsory curriculum material and educational content. High quality content has more values as compared with low quality contents. Each and everything depends on the interests of the people and Chinese are now taking interest in online education as well local educational opportunities.


The companies and the services which are engaged in educational system encourage to foreign investors to make investments in China to cash the market share and to deliver updated knowledge to new youth. All registered organization in China is following government imposed rules and regulations to market any type of educational ideas through effective channels of communications. Take help from different market surveys and China education system before starting any kind on educational contracts in China. Start different types of educational courses with the help of Chinese organizations and start online teaching to teach Chinese people. Foreign investors can make contracts with lots of franchises and can start their practices any time after receiving permissions from Chinese authorities.

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