Russia wants to increase the number of Chinese tourists

Russia has a big interest for Chinese tourists,

In early December, China relax anti-travel restrictions,. . According to travel experts, these are weakened strains of COVID-19, Chinese tourists should go back to Russia.

The first groups of Chinese People will arrive in Russia in February-March 2023 explained this media. Chinese travel agencies are ready to launch their outbound group tours to 20 countries

The 20 countries include Russia,

Other countries that have this special authorisation for group. Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Maldives, Sri Lanka,  Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, UAE, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland, Hungary, New Zealand, Fiji, Cuba and Argentina.

Chinese Tourists used to travel a lot in Russia (before Covid)

Chinese tourists ranked first among foreign tourists to Russia. around 201,000 foreign tourists travelled to Russia last year, per data from the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. In 2019, 1.5 mln Chinese tourists visited Russia.

What is Russia’s plan to attract more Chinese travellers? Russia is partnering with officials in China to offer training for Russian hoteliers.

The first post-pandemic Chinese tour group is expected to arrive in Russia from China (Guangzhou) per Russian state-owned Website.

Russian Authority is trying to lure more visitors from China, to support its struggling in hospitality. The Russian Travel Ministery partner with travel agencyin China to offer training for Russian hoteliers. Chinese want to attract more tourists from China by encouraging hotels to provide traditional cuisine and offer things like noodle stations at breakfast.

Tourists in Russia

Russia is well on the way to becoming the  most popular destination for Chinese tourists, already outranking Germany in that regard. In 2012, Among the  2.6 million foreign tourists in Russia, 14% were German and 7% Chinese according to Rosstat (statistical Russian arranges). This figure should increases by 15% for the Chinese in 2013 and exceed the 400,000 visitors thanks to the year of the Chinese tourists proclaimed in Russia. The Chinese will become in this way, behind the German, the 1st foreign tourists in Russia in terms of number.


Russia, only nostalgic destination?

The majority of the Chinese tourists going to Russia are older than 45. It is a nostalgic destination for them having known the friendship between China and Russia at the time. The Chinese travel agencies organize tours in this spirit, a nostalgic roundtrips for a week. These roundtrips are especially popular in the north of China. Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg are the stages cities include in the roundtrips.

However, Russia will not be able to always attract Chinese tourists by nostalgia. For this reason, they undertakes with more attractive and dynamic roundtrips (reserves in Siberia visits, descent of the Volga) to also attract the young Chinese tourists. Rather effective method as they have more Chinese tourists below forty and these figures will have to  keep increasing.

4 privileged areas

The rise amongst Chinese tourists in Russia is not beneficial for all areas. Indeed, 95% of them prefer Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok and Blagoveshchensk called the love area. In these zones, 10 travel agencies accommodate 75% of Chinese tourists.


Kremlin la nuit Moscou

La Place de la cathédrale Smolny

Chinese tourism is very beneficial to foreign countries.

Chinese are the biggest spenders when they travel. There are several reasons for this : First they are culturally inclined to spending money to buy gifts for their friends and relatives. It is not uncommon to see Chinese tourist spend a third of their budget in gifts. In addition to shopping for their own pleasure or people they know they enjoy taking part in very unique experiences. Skiing starts to become trendy, visiting highly cultural places as the Hagia Sophia starts to become more a priority than before. Meanwhile, the Russian government has made Chinese tourism one of its key project.

Federal tourism agency of Russian publishes many figures concerning the number of Chinese tourists in China. These figures leave many actors in the field skeptical. The first vice-president of the tour operators association, Vladimir Kantorovich stated to have doubts about the real intention of Chinese going to Russia with roundtrips. The accounting of the real Chinese tourists to estimate their contribution in the Russian economy is very difficult and complex.

In any case, for Russia to keep at it and companies in the Russian tourism industry to increase their sales, they must understand the Chinese tourists behaviour and adapt their services and tours accordingly.

The Chinese tourists

tourism China

90% of the holiday bookings are made online in China.  EVERYTHING is digital in 2023. 

Chinese tourists in 2023 rely heavily on other users previous experiences before making any decision.

  • You need to do community management on the top Chinese social networks

They go to online travel platforms to select potential destination, agencies

  • As a Russian company you need to be present on those platforms and have good reviews
  • Assess the e-reputation of the agencies and hotels they will use the services of

You need a good e-reputation via

  • Baidu Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Press Relation is the key according to Philip Chen , GMA
  • Positive Reviews on Travel notes sites liek Mafengwo.

They will also research additional information about their trip via experts, online key opinion leaders and videos, their most preferred media.

Bottom line is : you need to stand out on the Chinese internet to attract more Chinese tourists

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