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The ‘Stunning’ Chinese Luxury Market: See the Facts

  Over the previous decade, China and in addition the Chinese have driven the world in extravagance shopping. Retailers, extravagance brands and property designers alike have fallen more than each other to capitalize on what they saw as an expanding working class, their adoration for all things extravagance and an affinity to spend as opposed…

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Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations and Tourists Trends to Visit Bali

  Bali in Indonesia has become top favorite travel destinations in the whole world for Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists have successfully celebrated Chinese New Year holidays which were from Jan-27-2017 to Feb-02-2017. There are many places in Bali where they celebrated New Year but most of favorite in all across Bali for Chinese tourists are…

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The Outbound Real Estate Market In China Is Just Becoming Crazy

  When it comes to real estate marketing nothing amazes you more than the Chinese Billionaires. Chinese buyers have broken world records in the past year in purchases of property. Taking a look at the preference of Chinese for the land, makes you wonder even more! Beating Leaders They have not left any of the…

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The Booming Chinese Market of Surgery

The pursuit of beauty is inevitable with women living anywhere around the planet. However, Chinese consumers seem to be going a little too far with this obsession lately. After Brazil and USA, China has become the third country with most consumers opting for plastic surgery procedures. According to an estimate, there were around 7 million…

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