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Sport holidays, a niche for Chinese tourists

The most populous country in the world represents a multitude of business opportunities. If the market is not necessarily ready for every concept coming from abroad, there is one that will not take long to take root in the Chinese culture: sports holidays. Between the...

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Surfing is a rising activity in China

Even if China does not have the culture of surfing, this activity starts to be more and more popular. China has a dock of 14 500 km which is one of the biggest in the world. Indeed, China is a very big athletic country with a potential billion strong audience. Western...

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Best Mobile App for Chinese Tourists

In the era of e-tourism, mobile applications dedicated to travelers' journey are at the forefront. What are the favorite mobile applications of Chinese tourists in 2018? Let's discover it with us: Fliggy, the promotions on the air Also translated under the name of...

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How to attract Chinese tourists to Normandy

Some regions of France have a strong tourist potential for international traffic, but still lack elements to increase their visibility. Through the case of Normandy, let's study how to make a region more attractive for Chinese tourists, especially by using the online...

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Malta : how to reach Chinese tourists?

Maltese economy needs Chinese tourists: an expectation coming from the main actors of tourism, which was well-taken into account from the Maltese government. In recent years, Malta has made a concrete commitment to welcoming Chinese tourists on its territory. How does...

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