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Tips to Lure Chinese Tourists?

Chinese tourism has definitely exploded over the years. The country is the first source of income for global tourism. As reported by the BBC, in 2017 the Chinese alone spent more than $ 200 billion while traveling abroad. These estimates will continue to grow, thanks...

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Chinese tourists to Kenyan safaris on rise

Kenya is a beautiful African country and the country is attracting more and more Chinese tourists thanks to its landscapes, wild animals and safaris. Last year, Kenya received 875,000 tourists, with a rise of 22.2 percent. The tourism market in Kenya Last year, 70,000...

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China online travel market

China online travel market was reached nearly 738.4 billion Yuan in 2017, up 24.3% in 2016. However, as the market space is complicated, the growth rate of online travel in 2018 is expected to increase in the future. Thanks to the increase of Chinese revenue, the...

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