Why Chinese enjoy travel to Thailand ?

Chinese Tourists really love Thailand, close cheap nice destination… they are more than German or American since 2014.

The number of Chinese tourists expected to visit Thailand during the Lunar New Year holidays in 2015 represents an increase of 49 % over the same period in 2014, and are responsible for about 6.9 billion baht income, an year on year growth of 58 percent in the Thai economy. The travel expenses of Chinese tourists in Thailand is about 22,600 baht per person per trip.

 Thailand Photo of Chinese travellers


Photograph: Nana Chen for the ObserverChinese tourist4 chinese tourists2 Chinese tourists Chinese tourists Tourists-take-turns-posin-012 Chinese tourists Honeymooners-pose-for-pic-019 Chinese tourists Another-photo-opportunity-018 Chinese tourist4
Chinese-tourists-pose-wit-007 Chinese tourists-with-ladyboys-009 Tourists at the Grand Palace in Bangkok chinese tourists6 Chinese tourists5 Chinese tourists3

Lost in thailand has influenced their Decision…


Promotion of Thailand in China

In a move to demonstrate the enthusiasm and willingness to welcome and facilitate Chinese tourists in the country, Thailand held a special ceremony to meet and greet 500 passengers arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok with China Southern Airlines flight CZ357 Guangzhou and Thai Airways International flight TG8085 Shanghai.

Marking the special welcoming ceremony was a dance performance impressive lion. High-ranking delegations of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Airports of Thailand (AOT), the Immigration Bureau of Thailand, the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) and the Thai-Chinese Tourism Alliance Association (TCTA) were also present to offer a warm welcome and give a symbolic gift to the passengers of the flight CZ357 arrival airport gate D4 and D6 flight TG8085 the door.

More and more flights to Thailand


Both flights are among a total of 890 flights carrying about 305,000 passengers from several cities in China and Hong Kong. These flights are scheduled to arrive at four international airports in Thailand – Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Krabi – during the holiday period 18-24 Lunar New Year in February 2015. Ms. Srisuda Wanapinyosak, Director of Asia Eastern Region, said:

+47% increase of Chinese tourists in Thailand

To facilitate the expected high number of Chinese tourists during the Lunar New Year holiday 2015, Suvarnabhumi Airport is now specially decorated with a Chinese style pavilion and designated screens displaying a Chinese greeting. Special lanes visa on arrival were designated for Chinese tourists, including 3 earmarked “Lanes” Chinese and 5 “Premium Lanes”. In addition, Chinese language interpreters are stationed in several areas throughout the airport. In February 2015, Thailand TAT estimated to attract 530,000 tourists from China and generate revenue 22.93 billion baht, an increase of 47 percent and 54% , respectively.

Thousands climbed aboard the bus of students at the University of Chiang Mai, made a mess in cafeterias and slipped into classes to attend conferences. Someone even pitched a tent by a picturesque lake. The reason: “Lost in Thailand,” a 2012 slapstick comedy filmed in part on campus that is the most profitable film ever thought of China.

Volunteers who run Chinese tourists to a line of vehicles for tours Now visitors are limited to enter through one door opened by speaking Mandarin. Individual visitors are prohibited, and a sign leading Chinese characters asking that passports be produced is displayed by the door.

The Potential of Chinese Travellers in the world

With their soaring economy, mainland China have become the most common traveler’s world in the world, with more than 100 million should go abroad this year. In 2012, they surpassed the Americans and the Germans as the largest international consumers, according to the World Tourism Organization.

But in Chiang Mai and elsewhere, Chinese tourists have acquired the same kind of reputation noisy behavior, rude, culturally unaware that inspired the term decades ago “Ugly Americans“.

Many in the tourism industry are delighted by the influx, but 80 percent of the 2,200 residents interviewed by Chiang Mai University in February said they were very unhappy with the Chinese attitude. The survey and many comments on social media Thai Chinese blamed for spitting, littering, cutting lines, in violation of traffic laws and allow their children to relieve themselves in public pools.



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