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Chinese Tourists

1.7 million Chinese Travellers Visit Indonesia

  Head of Chinese Tourism National Administration (CNTA) Li Jinzao said that the number of Chinese tourists visiting Indonesia has risen by a good measure of 20%. In the meantime, he added that the number of Indonesian tourists to China was recorded to rise by 16%. This reflects good tourism cooperation between the two countries….

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Next challenge : Attract Chinese tourists to “China”

Next challenge :  Attract Chinese tourists to “China” Traveling to China is not a dream now! for Chinese . Most of travel agencies in China or in from all over the world always seek best chances and unique travel offers to attract their visitors to visit anywhere in China for different reasons. Chinese Tourism player are…

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Australia Offering Attracting Chinese Tourists Through 10 Year Visa

  Tourism markets in all countries are becoming more and more profitable because of several reasons. First of all, high-speed transportation facilities are allowing people to visit faraway lands quickly and comfortably.  Social media and the internet are also encouraging people to visit a new place and explore natural beauty with man-made marvels. Some countries…

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China’s education market will reach 3 trillion Rmb by 2020

Chinese Education Market and Future Expectations Chinese education market is growing gradually and creating more and more opportunities for students to take interest in Chinese education system to get qualification and to get prominent identity in Chinese industry revolution.   Chinese Education is changing Chinese education is fast approaching and having great interests for students…

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How your hotel can attract Chinese tourists?

Tips for your hotel to appeal to the Chinese   Special attention to Chinese tourists     Chinese tourists are now an important target for tourism industries. With the emergence of a new wealthy class, Chinese spend on leisure and go traveling. France attracts particularly for its romance and luxurious image. Overall, there were more…

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