How to become a Popular foreign Model in China

China is big, and the modeling industry in China is huge. There are many tales to be told and plenty of models available with their vlogging cameras ready to share them with us. While you may believe Shanghai and Hong Kong are fashion’s main hubs, there are many hotspots in China, including Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. These videos give you a glimpse into the world of modeling in China.

In China being a foreign model is “easier”

It’s not hard to get paid to party, dance in shopping malls, or dress up as a model in China.

Like many things in life it sounds better than it actually is. A small segment of Shanghainese nightlife is able to go clubbing with models for a living. This is a far cry from the large population of Shanghai. Local media referred to one of the clubs as “extremely elegant”, before pointing out rows upon rows of high-end sports cars. Inside, one will find Shanghai’s full coterie of fuerdai and tuhao, the rich-second-generation and nouveau riche. Minimum spend was Y=20,000 (PS2,300). Vast glass cabinets laden with Dom Perignon were wheeled to the tables. Some contained upwards of twenty-three bottles. According to a website for expats, “Expect most ballers of ballsers.” However, aside from one western businessman in his mid-40s, there weren’t any expats. Models were the only foreigners that made it to the club. There were forty of them. It was Tuesday.

All the models were lined up in an underground parking lot beneath the club at 10:30 pm. After having been a model in Europe, I was able to pretend that I was a China agency model and got on the list. I found myself among rows of regular cars and mopeds, but not expensive enough to be displayed outside. Behind me was a desk. The first thing that happens is that everyone who arrives forms a line and proceeds to the front. Their names are checked against a list and then they are given a thorough inspection. They will be sent home if they aren’t dressed in the correct clothes or don’t look the part.

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Disco Model

The evening’s theme was elegant, which meant that men should wear a suit, and women should wear cocktail dresses. In China, I didn’t have a suit so I borrowed one from a friend. He is about five inches taller that me, so it looked like I had had a growth spurt between getting out of the cab and waiting behind three foreign models. I was hoping no one would notice and avoided movements that could cause the sleeves to ride up. I moved like a penguin. he welcomed me when I reached the front and helped me find my name on that list.



It is difficult for westerners to make a living modeling in China. However, if you keep in mind that western faces can be used to advertise to Chinese customers, then there is a better solution to their needs.

The Chinese advertising market has been astonished by its digitalization speed and the increasing promotion power and salaries of its social media influencers over the last year.

The entertainement industry in China

Influencers & KOL : the new way

Influencers, or Key Opinion leaders, are not a new concept in the west. These people have large numbers of followers on social media, like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Companies are collaborating with Influencers and spending money to promote their products and services to their followers. China’s Influencers are more powerful than anywhere else in the world when it comes to promotion.


Called the “Laowai Influencers”, these people are making their Chinese fans debut via an online social platform called the “Foreign Research Institute”.

Funny video on the Chinese web, have so far garnered millions of fans on their platform..

Chinese netizens are extremely connected on social media and they like to follow KOL or internet celebrities working with big brands.

Chinese influencers earn on average 2x more than in the West

Western model who have one million followers earn on average 3000$ per post on instagram and 7000$ per video on YouTube. The Chinese earn about 5000$ per post on Weibo, and 11000$ on WeChat. . This is because their audience is more loyal to advertising, and they are able to do more promotions than their western counterparts. Their services have rising prices every year.


New way of self promotion via subscription platform exist like Onlyfans.


Although their appearance is still quite demeaning for local advertising, it is not possible to make a lot of money as a simple model due to all the changes in market.

A small team can help overcome the Chinese language barriers for Influencer posts on social media.


It is a good idea to specialize in a popular but potentially lucrative field. Content from long-distance travels and high fashion are in high demand.

An influencer’s key goal is to generate buzz, get exposure, and gain as many followers as possible. The price of a post is determined by how many followers you have.

Brands will want to work with you if you have more followers.
We can also help you get more exposure.

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