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Australia Offering Attracting Chinese Tourists Through 10 Year Visa

  Tourism markets in all countries are becoming more and more profitable because of several reasons. First of all, high-speed transportation facilities are allowing people to visit faraway lands quickly and comfortably.  Social media and the internet are also encouraging people to visit a new place and explore natural beauty with man-made marvels. Some countries…

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The Outbound Real Estate Market In China Is Just Becoming Crazy

  When it comes to real estate marketing nothing amazes you more than the Chinese Billionaires. Chinese buyers have broken world records in the past year in purchases of property. Taking a look at the preference of Chinese for the land, makes you wonder even more! Beating Leaders They have not left any of the…

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Trending Chinese Outbound Tourists Destinations in 2016

An outline on the latest Chinese tourists outbound travel trends in 2016 A recent study carried out by Business Intelligence Fung Center indicated that the number of Chinese tourists was gradually growing. It has been estimated that this number could reach about 234 million by 2020 which means 100 million more than last year. The…

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Top Digital Marketing Trends about China

Digital Marketing Trends in China Future of Digital Marketing Trend in China is bright. There are many reasons which helps to forecasts that in future lots of inventions and ideas will be generate to help people to spread their messages through digital sources. Business personalities and investors greatly attracts by unique ideas and new styles…

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Why Travel Agencies have to invest Online Communication in China?

“Mark Lin, 28, and Amy Chen,26, have spend over 20 hours online this week seeking information to plan out their honeymoon in Bali this coming October.” explain the founder of this travel Agency. They feel really excited about this independent travel experience even thought its not easy to do this job by themselves. Living couple miles…

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