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Why do Travel Agencies have to invest in Online Communication in China?

“Mark Lin, 28, and Amy Chen,26, have spent over 20 hours online this week seeking information to plan out their honeymoon in Bali this coming October.” explain the founder of this Travel Agency.

They feel excited about this independent travel experience even though it’s not easy to do this job by themselves. Living a couple of miles away from the city center, online tour operators and travel agency are their most convenient approaches to collecting travel information and booking their tickets after the COVID in 2023.

Thousands of Chinese travelers search for information every day

In China, there are thousands of cases like Mark and Amy who are planning their outbound vocation through online travel websites. Maybe not all of them have limited access to the 27,000 brick-and-mortar travel agents across China, but one thing that can be sure is that they are all familiar with internet service because they spend 25 hours a week surfing the internet on average.

Many businesses and travel agencies understand this because going online is currently a revolutionary trend in the whole business world. If your agencies would like to enter this Chinese market, the best time to invest in your online communication is now. The following article will cover 3 points explaining why online communication investment is crucial:

Be there, so people can find you => Pull Marketing

Concept of SEO search Engine Optimization. more info here

A Comprehensive Guide to Baidu PPC Account Set-up for Foreign Businesses

People rely heavily on the internet nowadays, especially through mobile devices for the internet provides them with everything at every moment. The concept for business brands to manage business operations through online communication platforms is really for serving internet users. Online communication platforms can be 24/7 and all year long when many stores of travel agencies do not even open for more than 12 hours a day.

The Internet empowers many business brands enlarging their markets from one area to the whole city and even to the whole country. Offering online communication platforms, Chinese tourists can find your agency when they need tourism information or instant help. Either preparing well-organized websites with online communication channels or social media platforms can be an ideal investment that will soon become your travel agencies’ great advantage in China.

Competitive advantage = Cost effective 

If you ever come to visit China and stay for a couple of weeks now, you will be amazed by how the internet is deeply adopted by this Chinese market. Every business starting from small restaurants around your neighborhoods to big internal business brands is striving to do a better job in online marketing communication for it is now mainstream in China. You may say, it is almost impossible to survive other competitors without investing the online communication.

Online marketing campaigns used unique strategies which can become powerful competitive advantages to your business. However, it now becomes a must thing to invest to stay at the same level of competition with other businesses. If your travel agency does not start to lay out your online marketing plan now, sooner or later you will be cut off by this Chinese market. When it happens, you need to spend a couple of times more budget on online marketing to catch up with other businesses.

It is cost-effective

In China, there are more than half of the entire 1.3 billion population uses the internet. Compared to traditional marketing campaigns like TV ads, radio spots, or posters, online digital marketing provides a better solution for delivering messages to the most appropriate target groups. You may target the customer base which already has some interest in products or services related to your business such as MaFengWo where you may find many group conversations related to traveling and tourism.

Plus, online marketing could bring much higher ROI than traditional methods. Utilizing online marketing communication for inbound initiatives brings businesses generally 50% more leads than traditional (outbound) marketing campaigns.

Big Data? Smart data is better 

Online marketing strategies collect detailed tracks from internet users which can be transformed into useful statistical data and valuable information for business development which could not be achieved by traditional approaches. Each data entry comes from individual internet users which helps you to analyze the potential customers’ demographics, geography, and much other information.

Data will show you the trend, the target, and the little tiny changes leading your travel agency to better adjust your business strategy.  For travel agencies, you may learn the traveling habits from big data to customize your tours for Chinese tourists. You may learn their purchasing power from big data to design themes for your tour packages.  

The flexibility of Online Marketing Campaign

One cool thing about online marketing is the flexible level whereby marketers can alter campaign information within a short amount of time. This flexibility allows the business to test its new products and evaluate the new market before big investments are involved. Many international brands apply this practice before they truly enter the market in China. 

Olivier & Philip BWR picture

Online is now the meeting place where tremendous internet users encounter millions of business information and brand marketing all the time. For travel agencies around the world, this is a good channel for your business to test out the Chinese market.

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