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Chinese tourists fall in love with Kenya

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa for Chinese Tourists with its wonderful landscape, and wild animals they use to do Safari in Kenya.

Before the Pandemic 83,180 Chinese tourists visited Kenya in 2018 and 83,388 in 2019. In 2023 Kenyan government is going to use the Chinese market to increase tourist arrivals, accelerating the recovery of a sector that accounts for around 7% of the nation’s GDP.
The Kenya Tourist Board’s interim chief executive officer, John Chirchir, said that in 2023 there has been an increase in the promotion of the nation’s natural wonders, such as its wildlife, sand beaches, and hilly landscapes, in China.

Kenya Tourism

Tourism in Kenya is an important source of revenue in the country. The Kenya Tourism Board is responsible for maintaining information about tourism in the country. Eco-tourism, cultural tourism,  Beach tourism, and sports tourism are all part of tourism in Kenya.

Kenya has one of the most diverse tourism industries in East Africa, with a large range of niches including conferences, meetings, events, and safari eco-tourism.The main tourist attractions are safaris through the 19 national parks and game reserves. Other attractions include the mosques at Mombasa; the coffee plantations at Thika; the popular sc

+50% of Chinese Tourists in Kenya


When Chinese Leaders travel to Kenya

Moreover, the Chinese tourist’s number increased in Kenya after a visit by the giant Chinese business Jack Ma.


2023 Campaign seeks to get back Chinese tourists to Kenya

After a three-year delay due to the epidemic, Kenya welcomed the first group of Chinese visitors on February 11 at a ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.  Kenya’s top politicians and hospitality professionals were on hand to greet the first group of 40 Chinese visitors who flew from the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou to Nairobi on a China Southern Airlines aircraft.

The 2023 promotion plan will include joint China-Kenya main tour operators to reinforce the industry. The potential in the Chinese market looks more lucrative compared to traditional source markets of Europe and North America. This market has been potentially identified and approved by World Tourism Organization [WTO] for high spending.

Kenya Tourism Board(KTB) launched “online mobile training” for travel agents selling Kenya’s products to boost their traffic and improve their knowledge of the tourism packages the country is offering.

The marketing strategy has also planned to produce a destination video specifically for the Chinese market to keep in mind Kenya’s destination awareness among the Chinese.

Kenya will host more family travelers next year through a kid’s safari package that the company has developed. The family travel segment is incredibly becoming popular.

Attract more Chinese Tourist in Kenya for Safari Tour, Hotel Travel Agencies

Lead Generation

The Lead Generation is attracting visitors to your website and turning them into customers and potential investors. Lead Generation will give Kenyan companies access to big traffic in China. We can help you to develop your Business, we will not sell, we will bring you Leads.

Creating a Chinese website, with Chinese design

the new phase of technology development, requires the development of a Chinese Website. Chinese internet users are online everywhere, anytime.

a website is the first thing to do to reach these potential customers. Once the website is created, you have to create rich and authentic content if you want to have many followers. don’t hesitate to use Chinese characters, because Chinese consumers like it when they can easily understand what kind can of services you can offer.

There is no Google in China, but Biadu SEO

Google can’t help you at all in China, because Google isn’t available, it’s blocked. but we have something else: Baidu. Baidu is the Chinese Google, it is the number one search engine in China. With more than 800 million mobile search users, Baidu owns 80% of search engine market shares.

if you want to be ranked high on Baidu, you have to start by choosing relevant keywords. Moreover, in the process of internet visibility, backlinks are very important also; integrate them on your website so it can get more of Baidu’s trust.  finally, don’t forget, PPC (pay-per-click) you can see promotional offers and special deals leading to your websites.

Chinese Social Media

Tourism professionals should use social media to encourage participation in travel experiences in Kenya. Chinese online communities host millions of active users.
Popular social platforms like WeChat, QZone, Sina Weibo, RenRen, and Pengyou are used by Chinese internet users every time. Everywhere, you go in China, you’ll see many people busily browsing their smartphones, connected on social channels 24h/7. Kenya’s tourism stakeholders should thus exploit the use of these platforms if they are to attract tourists from China.

Have Chinese-speaking staff

Another best way to begin engagement with Chinese tourists is by hiring hotel staff that could speak the Chinese language. Chinese tourists need to have good services and find foreign people who can speak their language.
In terms of private companies in Kenya, The Safari Collection, Governors’ Camp, and Loisaba Wilderness are working in collaboration with Chinese tour companies to promote their luxury services in China.

E-Reputation: Chinese Customers have to trust you 

The key in China is reputation. you could have a good website, and big companies but if your company doesn’t have a good reputation or good image, it means nothing. so it’s important to keep in mind to still have good in China, through your presence in the forums, events, the participation in some activities in the community

Another way to keep a good image is to work with a lead generation agency in china. they will make sure the bad comments on your company will not be seen and will publish valuable content about your company in the forums and e-business discussions.

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  1. I would like to tap into the Chinese market. Looking at arranging local tours packages for tourists coming to Kenya.

  2. Hello

    I can just feel the blood pumping in my veins
    when I accomplish my life long dream of seeing
    a living breathing elephant when i take my first safari.

  3. Hello
    Kenya is doing such a great job advertising their beautifulcountry
    and im so glad that a big market like china has taken interest

  4. Hello
    I fell in love with Kenya when I first visited 10 years ago
    It feels great to see that chinese tourists are more interested every day to go to destinations such as this.

  5. Helloo
    Im a tourist gude from Colombia , we would like to boost our reach to the chinese market
    to take advantage of the rise of tourists in the later years

  6. Hello
    interesting how the tourism has grown so much in exotic places for the chinese market
    its gonna be great to see a resurgence of countries supporting tourism after the pandemic.

  7. Greetings
    I was wondering if the surge in tourism has been only in Kenya or also in the rest
    of the African countries?

  8. Helloo
    I live in Durban south africa and would like to promote a small bed and breakfast I own to tourists that want to visit the aerea.

  9. Hello

    I have fallen in love with African countries in the last couple of years
    Kenya is still in the bucket list, what do you recommend on doing first?

  10. Hello
    Do you have more articles with similar destinations to travel
    from China? i would really appreciate it!

  11. Hello
    My family comes from Kenya and I’m so proud of my heritage ,
    Also my family owns a antique store outta NY
    and would like to promote through your page!

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