Chinese Tourists in Morocco: Opportunities for Travel Professionals

Tourism is a pillar industry of Morocco. More than 5 million tourists visited Morocco in the first half of 2018, an increase of 10% compared to the same period in 2017, the country’s Tourism Observatory stated. The government hopes to make Morocco one of the top 20 global tourist destinations by 2020 and has taken steps to attract Chinese.

The Chinese market has immense potential

China had the highest percentage increase in the number of tourists visiting the North African country since last year. The number of Chinese arriving in Morocco in the first five months of this year reached 100,000, the Moroccan National Tourist Office stated, compared to 120,000 in all of 2017.

Experts predict that figure to almost double in 2019. The Chinese market has immense potential as it has the world’s highest number of millionaires,” said Nabil Bekkali, manager of Elite Travel DMC, which serves mainly Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The Tourism Ministry is seeking to attract 500,000 Chinese tourists by 2020 and the creation of a direct fight between Morocco and China was being considered by Moroccan carrier Royal Air Maroc. 2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations, China and Morocco will seize the opportunity to deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields including tourism.

Morocco’s visa exemption for Chinese citizens

Before the visa exemption for Chinese citizens, the number of Chinese restaurants in Morocco was no more than five. At present, the number has risen to more than 20. At the China-Morocco Tourism Forum held in Casablanca in February this year, Moroccan Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy Mohammed Sajid announced the ambitious target of attracting 500,000 Chinese tourists every year by 2020.

Morocco attaches great importance to the tourism cooperation between the two countries and will continue to improve the supporting facilities and services such as hotels and transportation, and open direct flights between the two countries said Sajid. Chinese Ambassador to Morocco Li Li said that since Morocco’s visa exemption for Chinese citizens, the number of Chinese tourists has grown significantly, ranking first in the growth of foreign tourists to the kingdom.

Think like a tourist to attract new customers for your business

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use

Without a mobile-friendly website that boasts booking capabilities, you will miss out on an ever-increasing number of Chinese travelers who use their mobile devices exclusively. You can benefit from customizing your website to your target market with simple visual aids. You should translate a few pages of your website to attract Chinese visitors from your target markets. Showing your prices in local currency can also help you connect with Chinese visitors and increase their ability to compare prices. In the end, you want to increase user confidence and comfort.

There are other ways of customizing websites to suit Chinese visitors. Content marketing can drive more visits to your site. You’ll also want to tailor your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and online marketing campaigns to local markets.

Be Visible


Chinese travelers rely solely on the companies that they see and hear from on their trips in order to make their decisions. Make sure that you have a brick-and-mortar location in a prominent space in the city, or invest in ads that are located in crowded spaces. You need your brand name to stand out so that Chineses tourists know who you are, what you offer and where they can find you.

Offer Unique Promotions

In order to compete with the other tour and activity providers in your region, you need to offer promotions that push Chinese customers to book with you. Discounts for tours, promo codes that can be used online, gift cards and vouchers all can be used in order to attract customers and motivate them to book immediately. Remind travelers that they don’t need to make a phone call or stop in your office to use their promotion they can apply it online themselves!

Social media

Chinese social media like Wechat and Weibo are the go-to resource for Chinese tourists looking to see what an area is really like. Make sure you’re on these social media networks so you can provide potential tourists with the information they are looking for.

Posting travel tips and tricks, photos of your location, and special promotions will make you the industry expert and tourists will flock to your pages for all the latest information.

 Monitor and respond to online reviews

Greece Digital Marketing for China C-trip

Chinese travelers planning their trip don’t have much information about the quality of your business. Ratings on sites such as Ctrip, Tuniu, Qyer are often the only source they have to make a decision. You’ll probably want to register your business on these platforms and enter detailed information and pictures. From there you should regularly monitor and respond to reviews, making sure to quickly resolve any issues with unsatisfied customers. We can help you automate some of the work required to collect and analyze this data. These sites will also provide you with guest feedback you can analyze to improve your services.

So what’s Next Step?

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  4. As the Royal Air Maroc opens in January a direct connection between Casablanca and Beijing, the Moroccan National Tourism Office has teamed up with the Chinese tour operator to promote the destination Morocco.

    Chinese are increasingly popular to Morocco due to its exotic culture, Unique beautiful architecture, and stunning landscapes.

    Morocco’s bustling souks and colorful markets (good for Photo) are a great attraction for Chinese tourists who enjoy shopping, while the country’s diverse cuisine is also a hit.

    Additionally, Morocco has become increasingly accessible to Chinese tourists due to improved air travel connections and visa policies.

    Overall, Morocco offers a unique travel experience that combines ancient history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking scenery, which make it a popular destination for Chinese travelers.

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