Chinese tourist: attract tourists from China

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China is one of the top global sources of tourists

In 2015, 109 million Chinese tourists spent 229 billion USD overseas. Analyses of the Chinese market show that in terms of both numbers of travels and money spend during those trips, China is positioned ad one of the top. From Hong Kong to the world One of the favorite destinations for China’s outbound tourists has…

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Chinese rich millenials spend $65,000 on travel per year !

A recent report published by Marriot Hotel in collaboration with Hurun Research conducted a survey of young luxury Chinese travellers. But who are these young Chinese travellers? They are what we call the Generation Y or Chinese millennials … The Chinese outbound market   According to Travel China Guide, 120 million Chinese tourists went going…

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Chinese tourists, the biggest market opportunity for Australian retail stores

Australian Chinese tourism market According to official data from Australia Tourism organisation, China is the second largest tourism market in terms of arrival for Australia. Chinese people are high spenders. Actually, one Chinese will spend around US$7,000 instead of US$3,500 for most of other citizens. Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders in Australia with a…

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Top 5 Facts about Chinese tourists that every CEO in the Travel Business should know

Throughout the main touristic forums in China, we can draw up the portrait of Chinese travelers. According to their behaviors, we can therefore understand and identify Chinese tourists particularities. 1- Chinese (old) people like travelling in a group : They favor travels surrounded by members of their family or travelling companions. Indeed, family relations have a…

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