How to use Baidu Metaverse for Brands

Baidu’s metaverse social app XiRang featured Prada’s Fall 2022 repeat collection livestreamed on Aug. 5 in “Meta Ziwu,” an interactive virtual arena. At the Prince Jun’s Mansion Hotel, a futuristic XiRang was used to broadcast the IRL event. Users from all over the world can access the live display by just logging into Baidu XiRang, removing the physical and virtual boundaries once and for all.

By forging ahead into the metaverse with its Timecapsule program — a monthly release of NFT drops honoring circular fashion — the leading luxury brand has solidified its position as a pioneer in the industry. For the first time, Prada is showcasing one of its IRL runways on the Web3, making this one of the most significant — and ambitious — events of the year for the brand.

With robust revenue and profit improvements in the first half of 2022, Prada has shown optimistic signs of revival across China’s markets. With its Web3 strategy speeding up, the brand might continue to do well into the second half of the year. With enterprises such as XiRang, the company exhibits its willingness to embrace new ideas, but also its efforts to keep a pulse on the altering strategies of its customers. The metaverse is becoming more and more popular with mainlanders. With this in mind, the brand should follow suit in order to keep up with the times and be relevant in the marketplace.

More businesses in China are incorporating virtual experiences into their models as a result of the country’s rapid technological development. Dior was the first to use Meta Ziwu with its “On The Road” presentation back in April when it debuted its digital Valentine’s project via WeChat for the Qixi holiday.

There are, however, limits to a complete meta-breakthrough across the country. Last month, Tencent shut down its digital collectibles site because of adverse government legislation. While projects like Prada’s may appear promising at the time, marketers should proceed with caution to avoid falling victim to China’s continuous virtual minefield.

What is Baidu XiRang?

Officially launching its first metaverse app on December 27, 2021 was Chinese Internet giant Baidu’s announcement of the company’s annual developer conference. Increasing numbers of Chinese technology firms are entering the worldwide competition for dominance in the metaverse, a new field.

Baidu is preparing to roll out the nation’s first metaverse app. Through cellphones, PCs or virtual reality glasses, you may enter the country of Xi Rang, which means “land of hope” in Chinese. There, you can create avatars and interact with other gamers. It’s Baidu’s stated goal to convert Xi Rang into an infrastructure platform for the metaverse, which will include elements such as games and educational content.

Up to 100,000 people can participate in a single conversation at once thanks to the platform. This year’s annual developers conference was attended by Baidu’s chairman and co-founder Robin Lee, who stated that the Golden Era of Artificial Intelligence would begin in the next 10 years. This was the first time that the metaverse has been discussed at a conference in the United States.

In the form of a Mebius ribbon, the Xi Rang platform offers a virtual world in which users can log in using their avatars. PCs, smartphones and wearable devices will allow participants to see, hear, and engage with others.

Horizon Worlds was instantly reminded of Meta, the platform that offered access to persons aged 18 and older in the United States. From December 9, 2021, to Canada.

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