How to promote and sell cherries in China

The Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) and its Cherry Committee have won an award for their advertising campaign for Chilean cherries in China. They won the “IPA Effectiveness Awards 2022,” an important and distinctive international advertising competition in the global advertising industry.

The marketing marketing campaign for Chilean cherries received an award in the “Single Market Entries” class, and it was the one award given to the recent fruit sector internationally this year.

This award recognizes the efforts of the Chilean cherry industry, represented by the Cherry Committee of ASOEX and aided by ProChile, for the 2016-2020 advertising campaign in China.

“We received this notice with great pleasure. This has not been an easy season for the business, and this award encourages us to continue working arduous because it recognizes the dedication, creativity, and professionalism with which the methods to encourage consumption have been designed, as well as the positioning of Chile and its cherries in essential markets such as China. We believe that making decisions collectively as an organization, in this case by our Cherry Committee, and having the assistance of ProChile have been crucial to this process. It emphasizes the significance of collaboration between the private and public sectors, according to Ronald Bown, president of ASOEX. This award underscores the significance of marketing campaigns for Chilean fruits on international markets, as well as business collaboration.

On October 10, 2022, at a ceremony to be held in London, England, the company will formally receive the award given by the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2022.

IPA Productivity Award

Achieving an IPA Effectiveness Award is the highest form of global client and communications industry recognition. The awards set the worldwide benchmark for effective communication, with one of the requirements for entry being proof that the applicant increased the value of the enterprise model or customer. In addition, all winners are published in a database known as the “Awards Effectiveness Databank,” which has been recognized for its credibility and importance to the industry’s education for over four decades.

Why do Chinese consumers prefer imported products/brands?

As a result of the numerous sanitary scandals of the past few years, Chinese consumers are extremely cautious about what they consume. Many individuals believe that imported goods are more trustworthy than domestic ones.

According to DDMA Secondary Research, 69 percent (across all social classes) believe that foreign food is superior, while 60 percent prefer restaurants that serve foreign cuisine. This demonstrates that foreign foods are still perceived differently and can compete with domestic products. Nonetheless, as shown in the graph below, it is evident that high-income families consider this factor more than low-income families.

What are the most popular countries for imported products?

While the United States and France were previously the most popular countries in terms of imported brands and products in China, New Zealand is now in the lead due to its stringent safety regulations, followed by Australia, Germany, the United States of America, and Japan.

Chinese food distributors are looking for new brands of fruits. How to attract them?

Build your e-reputation first

On the Chinese market, branding is everything. Branding is the set of operational and strategic activities related to the management and consolidation of a brand on the market and the differentiation of a product from that of our competitors through actions ranging from the production of branded content to the creation of distinctive signs such as a name or logo.

To sell in China, one must accommodate Chinese consumers. You must understand their preferences and place greater emphasis on packaging. A compelling and original design can play a significant role in your favor.

To attract Chinese distributors, you must enhance your online reputation and presence in China. Due to the Great Firewall, the majority of platforms we employ in the West are inoperable in China.

Employ Baidu SEO to enhance your visibility among Chinese Food Distributors

For a website to be effective, it must be hosted in China or Hong Kong, translated into Chinese, have an eccentric layout, and provide ample information.

A website with an SEO structure ranks highly in search engine results. Typically, a user will select the first five presented responses. A successful internet presence can be achieved with the aid of an effective SEO campaign. For a successful SEO strategy, it is essential to identify the industry, the target audience, the most effective keywords, and the competition. Ensure that the website’s hosting and domain are localized, create ad hoc content in Chinese (simplified Chinese for Mainland China, traditional Chinese for Hong Kong and Taiwan), and engage in link building for genuine SEO.

Use Undercover Marketing on Chinese Forums to Convince Food Distributors

In China, word of mouth has a great deal of influence, and it is vital that you take advantage of this.

Physical or virtual, word-of-mouth is an essential tool for brand development in China. 60% of Chinese consumers cite friends and family as a major source of product information upon which they base their purchasing decisions.

Similar to Quora, Zhihu is a question-and-answer website. On Zhihu, users generate, respond to, edit, and organize questions. Zhihu has evolved over time to become a super-community equipped with social tools, media, services, and e-commerce capabilities. While the free Q&A platform is still Zhihu’s primary offering, the company began offering paid content in 2017, targeting professionals seeking to advance their careers.

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