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Chinese Tourism Market.. the more you wait, the harder it gets !

A Fast Paced Market

  • ‘’I want to work on commission”,
  • “please find me contacts of Chinese travel agencies”,
  • “I will wait until I am fully convinced that the Chinese market is the best deal”,
  • “I want to attract european tourists at first’’, etc …

If you are still needing to be convinced that these methods will get you nowhere in China, your competitors have already started business there.

When we talk about China

When we talk about China, we’re talking about a country that changes a lot, evolves a lot and introduce new process to its business every once and a while. Because we are talking about the digital market (as the only and effective way to do business in China, read more in other articles), everything is moving ten times more fast, so if you combine the Digital, the tourism market and China you will get to the speed of light.

China is the largest business travel market in the world.

If German tourists have spent 68 Billion USD and American tourists 284 Billion during 2016 Chinese tourist spend around 320 Billion USD a year. How can you wait to attract a group of tourists that spend 320 Billion USD a year?

China does not wait for you

All the ingredients are there, you don’t even have to be adventurous or to risk something, just Get your share of the Cake!

Try, wait, take your time, and Chinese tourists will choose another destination/company than yours, a company that is more serious and ambitious

In China, marketing a company requires fast-thinking

Marketing a destination in a fast paced digital world! This is what the Chinese tourism industry is all about..

If this year 10 competitors from your country are doing business in China, next year they will be 100 and so on each year.

Most of companies are TOO Slow



Keep on waiting; it’s good if you are not ambitious, if you are a millionaire! (but even billionaires are rushing to enter the Chinese market in all industries)

China doesn’t WAIT !

It is a total fallacy to thing that waiting will make you take the right decision when it comes to entering the Chinese market.

It’s ok if the decision to wait to is not yours. For example if your managing board took decides that, it means you are working for a non-ambitious company that will keep struggling for a very long time ( or it will eaten by the local competitors)


The best thing to describe this matter is a Chinese saying:

 It is not the biggest fishes that survive.. It’s the fastest and smarter ones.

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