Chinese KOL travel notes — Carrie ma’s cultural travels


In 2018, this Chinese KOL Carrie Ma published a book, I Won’t Let You Travel Alone, about her cultural travels across 7 continents and it features fascinating chapters on her adventures in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Americas (north, central and south), Antarctica and one special chapter detailing her experience hosting more than 100 couch surfers at her house in Sydney, offering them free food and accommodation, which was her way of repaying back the kindness she had experienced on her own journeys. As of December 2018, the book had sold 350,000 copies. Source Jing Daily

Solo journey — Carrie ma’s cultural travels

This young and beautiful girl began posting her very own encounters as an independent female
autonomous explorer on Instagram (Carrie_solojourney) in 2017, and following a half year
started to get demands for joint business efforts, incorporating paid organizations with different
goals. Until this point in time, Carrie has ventured out to more than 107 nations.
Social travel is a sort of movement that accentuates encountering life inside a foreign culture,
instead of from the outside as a brief guest.

Chinese Social explorers : travel KOL 

Social explorers leave their home condition at home, carrying just themselves and a craving to turn out to be a piece of the way of life they visit.  See our full report about Travel Chinese KOL 

KOL are Key opinion leader. Kols are extremely powerful in China, and there are millions of them across dozens of apps and platforms. From stars to micro-influencers, to forums community there is Kols for all kind of industry. source cosmeticschina

Social travel goes past social investigation or disclosure; it includes a change in lifestyle. This definition was first utilized by Gary Langer “travel to learn”. Advances abroad. Changes abroad publishing. 1: 12–15. Walk 1977. As a method for depicting travel that requires progress to another degree of comprehension of gratefulness for an outside culture.

The term is regularly misshaped and abused by trip specialists, visit administrators and universal the travel industry associations. Culture has to do with individuals and less with spots or things.

What Chinese Travel KOL really do?

Visiting historical centres, visiting old structures, going to celebrations, and eating neighbourhood nourishment does not give a similar encounter as turning into an individual from the way of life itself. Undertakings are another type of social travel, aside from slave exchange
travel that has given us an understanding of different obscure and less discussed societies. The disclosure of organisations subsequently totally relies on these movement stories, which talk about what explorers witness, as opposed to accounts given by individuals in power.
The absolute opposite of social travel is the travel industry, where individuals carry their home condition with them any place they proceed to apply it to whatever they see. In 2018, Carrie distributed a book. I would not let you travel alone, about her social goes across seven landmasses and it highlights entrancing parts on her undertakings in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Americas (north, focal and south), Antarctica. And one different section enumerating her experience, facilitating more than 100 love seat surfers at her home in Sydney, offering them free nourishment and convenience. This was her method for reimbursing back the thoughtfulness she had encountered without anyone else ventures. As of December 2018, the book had sold 350,000 duplicates. We chatted with Carrie about movement blogging, teaming up with brands, and what is next for this youthful gutsy explorer


What are you attempting to accomplish with your touring blogs?

“I do not expect to express anything deliberately, Instagram is only a record of my life, and I post whatever I feel is correct the state of mind. I feel that as an independent female voyager, I have an alternate voice about culture and religion and my movement encounters have allowed
me a chance to increase a more profound comprehension about a goal, its way of life, and individuals.”

Do you see yourself as a travel influencer?

“I favour not to characterize myself as a specific sort of influencer. Voyaging is not tied in with
sharing delightful photographs; it is progressively about sharing profound considerations and
encounters in the wake of encountering a nation and its kin. It is increasingly about the endless
generalizations brought by different inclinations, and to learn, to regard and to endure the
distinctions, and to urge individuals to investigate.

I will, in general, be an unadulterated explorer, so I would not consider supported or business work except if the idea of the excursion truly intrigued me. I prefer to encounter something that I am genuinely intrigued by instead of accomplishing something since I am being paid for it.
You have been working with Tencent on some travel industry joint efforts; would you be able to speak somewhat about that association?
I composed a book about my performance travels a year ago. Tencent welcomed me to make some movement narratives dependent on my book’s point of view, so I did a recording in India for almost a month with my group. A portion of the records that have been distributed so far
spread some fascinating social topics from visiting the most fabulous camel celebration in Pushkar, India to going to an Indian union with visiting the highest red-light zones in India. All extraordinary enjoyment! Tencent pays well indeed, and I took in a ton about the shooting,
planning, pre-and after creation. Making travel narratives can be testing. In any case, as I referenced I hate going for work, I did not concur on further collaboration on this undertaking to different nations.

What social media do you find are best for sharing your excursions?

I share my accounts on RED, Weibo, Douban, and Wechat. Instagram is incredible for
sharing photographs. Wechat is a great idea to compose long structure articles, to talk profound
and to gain from individuals’ remarks.

What is coming up for you later on?

I am a college visitor teacher educating in news-casting and correspondences. The Swiss 
government has likewise welcomed me to go there for a transient visit as a researcher. Also, I as
of late got greeting from Indonesian government office so that I may revisit Indonesia soon. In
any case, a more considerable amount of all, I love visiting another goal and investigating the
way of life—all alone.



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