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Top 10 of the most visited sites in France by Chinese tourists

France remains a major destination for Chinese travellers France has been shocked by the terrosim attacks that has decreased their popularity among Chinese travellers. Even though Chinese outbound tourism favorite destinations are other Asian regions like Hong-Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South-Korea, Thailand and Singapore, Chinese tourism in Europe remains strong and especially in France. As of…

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A Chinese CEO offers a trip to France for 6,400 of his employees!

Major companies for massive inbound Chinese tourists ! This extraordinary journey requires a logistic up to it. It was aboard 84 commercial flights that Chinese workers landed on 5 May in Paris. It’s a major challenge for the French authorities. Atout France, which ensures promoting France abroad, was on the warpath. From the airport, formalities…

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Majority Chinese tourists will travel around Asia in 2015

Each year, more than 100 million Chinese tourists are traveling abroad looking for new experiences. However, Asian countries remain the most popular destinations among Chinese travelers. Over the last years, the number of Chinese outbound travelers has rapidly increased becoming in the largest source of tourists. However the behavior of these tourists has also changed….

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The Chinese want to get married abroad

How to attract these customers? If traditional marriage has long been crucial and very important to respect in Chinese culture, they slowly but surely begin to soften. Therefore, more and more Chinese couples decide to get married abroad. When this is the case, they are willing to spend a fortune to have the wedding of…

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